“I am still deciding between two great opportunities, but I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help.

When you first did my resume, I was in the process of leaving a job, renting my house, and relocating to a new area. So I did not use the resume a lot at first. You continued to send me emails and I used everything you sent. Getting the continuous advice helped me prepare for my job search. It also focused my attention on getting myself ready for the next opportunity. At times when I had self-doubt, I would read the resume, which focused on my strengths and talents.

Once I started applying for jobs, the resume was quite successful. So far I have had a 30+% response. And I am still getting more responses. I quickly was targeted by two local consulting firms. I was hand selected out of dozens of candidates and was the only candidate offered to two major companies. At the interviews, both companies complemented me on the resume style. They said it was a refreshing, well-organized, and “project based” accounting of my experiences. They also complemented me on my broad technical range – which you highlighted in a special section close to the top of my resume.

My lack of a college degree was never mentioned; instead they focused on my “university level” technical training. The way you stated my education led me to apply to a college. I enclosed my resume with my application. They have given me credit for most of my technical training. And I have found that I am only 14 classes away from a full Bachelor’s degree. So this is now top on my to do list. This was an investment that has really paid off. Thanks for all your help. Thanks for your patience.”