“I just had to send you a note to give you an update of what’s been happening for me. Since December 24, 2011, I have conducted a small direct mail campaign to about 30 companies per your instructions. Last week I got two calls from hiring managers and one of them resulted in an interview on this past Friday. The interview on Friday went well and the hiring manager let me know about another hidden position they had coming up and asked if I was interested in that one as well. By the time Friday afternoon rolled around, I had two more interviews with two different companies scheduled for this week. Today I got another call for an interview with a different company for this week. One of the hiring managers I have an interview with on Thursday of this week e-mailed me as soon as he got my letter and told me they had a position open but I had to apply online first. I had applied online for the position on December 24. I let him know this and he promptly contacted HR wanting to know why they had not let them know I had applied. If it hadn’t been for my letter he still would not know that I exist because HR was in the way.”