“I participated in your Job Search Success System. Two weeks ago, I accepted a job offer as an xxxxx for a xxxxxx company here in xxx Texas. The CEO offered me the job on the first interview; I had faxed him a one-page value proposition letter. The things I learned in The Job Search Success System were priceless, especially the information about the hidden job market. I focused solely on the hidden job market. My job search resulted in a pay increase of 5k per year. I had a total of five interviews; which resulted in 2 job offers, and 4 second interviews. I didn’t post my resume on any job board, never contacted anyone in HR or submitted my resume via email. I am now in a new industry. My search could have been shorter, if I hadn’t let my fears and doubts slow me down from time to time. I think the key thing was focusing on the hidden job market, following up, and focusing on how I could help companies solve their problem or add value. Thank you!!!”