“Mary Elizabeth re-wrote my resume recently and did a fabulous job! She has created some of the most supportive and informative job search materials I have run across in the last 25 + years in HR! Lots of professionals have great materials but fail to make the “human” connection with their client….but not Mary Elizabeth. She strives to get to know YOU and your experience and talents so she can create the perfect resume highlighting your best skills. Thanks, Mary Elizabeth!”

Mary G., HR Director, TX

“Mary Elizabeth’s help proved invaluable. My resume is just awesome; I could never have written it so amazingly well and it easily attracted the interest of the industry I wanted to move into.”

Eric S., VP Operations, FL

“I consider Mary Elizabeth’s resume writing abilities to be among the tops in the nation.”

Philip D., Vice President of Sales, GA

“Mary Elizabeth provided me with the tools to penetrate the barriers that had been preventing me from realizing my career potential. She is genuinely concerned about me reaching my goals and is enthusiastic and upbeat about the process.”

Jonah M., Finance Executive, MI

“From your recruiter distribution, I have received a total of 124 responses, 28 that I am following up on. I will let you know what develops!”

Brian B., CIO, MD

“Despite the lackluster economy, I landed a job in the hidden job market within 30 days applying Mary Elizabeth’s job search techniques and having her craft my resume. My new role is an equity position so I stand to make 10 times more than I did in my previous position! Before hiring Mary Elizabeth, I wasn’t sure about the value of having a professionally written resume. However, thinking about the money I had invested in my college education and also the substantial loss of income it was costing me to be in an unfruitful full-time job search, I realized it made no sense to skimp on the document that was going to compel companies to interview me or not. I would say to anyone who is on the fence about having your resume professionally done by Mary Elizabeth: … just do it! You are making a wonderful investment in yourself and your career!”

Avery M., Construction Executive, PA

“I hand-delivered the new resume you created for me to the high-end hotel/resort at the top of my “dream job” list and I didn’t even make it back out to the parking lot before they called me on my cell asking me to come in for an interview. I was hired the very next day! The hiring manager said my resume was one of the best they had ever seen and I know I secured this position over professionals with more experience and even higher degrees than I have. This resume has helped me secure my dream position in a super competitive job market and put my career track in perfect alignment with my goals. Thank you so VERY much.”

Dexter M., Sou Chef, TX

I landed THE interview I wanted just a week after using the resume and enhanced job search strategy you provided for me . . . I like results like that!”

Sheila C., Product Marketing Expert, TX

“My goal was to land a high visibility position, increase my income and relocate out of state. Mary Elizabeth designed an incredible resume for me and gave me the blueprint to reach my goals. I landed an incredible position in the state I wished to relocate to and increased my compensation by 20%!

Brad B., Director of National Training, WA

“I was in Chicago all day yesterday with a biotech company called **** Needless to say, I wasn’t home but only a few minutes and I got a phone call and was offered a position. Of course I accepted. The incredible thing is, I received a better package than what I had before. I am very lucky because I was hoping for someone just to come close to what I was making before. Again, I am very lucky and I begin on 4/23. So, I want to sincerely thank you for your part you played regarding this offer. I will definitely send people your way.”

Sharon S., TX