Do you feel overwhelmed when you think about changing industries? After all, with long workweeks, job-performance demands and trying to have a personal life too it’s a wonder any professionals find the time to strategically reposition themselves for a more fulfilling opportunity.
However I have coached many professionals who have successfully done just that! And I know first hand what works and how you can easily begin to point yourself in a different direction that brings about the positive change you have been dreaming of.
Here are three tips for helping you to bridge the gap between the job you have now, and the one you really want.

Tip Number 1: Clarity of Vision
It can be difficult to be objective when you’re right in the thick of your current job, and easy to maintain the status quo (seeing as that it’s keeping you so busy anyway). Recognize that – in order to effect change you need to take action. My best tip for you is to begin to write down what you dream job looks like, why your new industry excites you, where you see yourself going in that industry and what it will mean for you personally and professionally. Allow yourself to dream, close your eyes for just a minute each morning and simply imagine yourself in this new place. Then begin to write things down. Congratulations, you have taken a powerful step forward!

Tip Number 2: Move Forward
Now is the perfect time to move forward! What associations are connected you’re your new industry? Are you a member of Linked In? How about joining one of their groups? They have hundreds of groups in virtually every industry! How about subscribing to a trade journal or magazine focused on your new industry.

These are portals where you are going to find access to the people, places and data that you will need to make your career change a reality. Begin to get involved and when you look back several months from now, I bet you will find it hard to believe that your multiple new opportunities are all traceable back to a couple phone calls and emails!

Tip Number 3: Change the Look of Your Resume
In preparation for your upcoming interviews in your new industry you must make sure your resume sends a loud and clear message that you are qualified and talented on several parallels. Not to mention that committing to changing up your resume to match your new direction signifies your new commitment to it!

Here’s a quick and powerful tip to quickly matching your resume to your new industry: find an online job description that matches where you see yourself. Print it out and highlight each and ever word and phrase that you have matching experience in (in your current industry). If this is the job you want, then these key words and phrases must have the leading role in your resume in order to spark interest!

Tip Number 4: Be Aware of Self-Sabotage
Don’t get tricked into thinking that successful industry transitions happen only to other people, they can and do happen to anybody…including you! So if you find that little voice in your head telling you all the reasons why you can’t succeed – that’s your first step in acknowledging that your own thoughts might be holding you back.

Many of my clients first shared with me that when it came to changing industries they were afraid they were not qualified, they would have to take a pay cut or they were afraid of possible rejection and lack of support from their family and associates. These very clients went on to successfully change careers while their worries quickly became distant memories!

Even if you are unsure of exactly how to go about it an industry change that resonates with who you are and what you want to do will quickly bring you that wonderful feeling of excitement as you move forward knowing you are doing the right thing for yourself!

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