I see it too many times.

Brilliant, forward thinking executives missing out on fabulous job opportunities…. just because their resume wasn’t working for them like it should!

A resume is no place to cut corners on your job search…that’s like going on a first date with someone you really like without getting all cleaned up. Yikes!

Here are five common resume mistakes to avoid:

Mistake number one: Too generalized

If you are an executive you must be able to communicate precisely what it is you bring to the table.

Here is a quick tip on getting specific: what is the ONE key area where you really shine?

Is it your industry (that you plan to say in) or is it a function or a process? Once you have that written down, next write down your next two greatest strengths.

Are these keywords right at the top of your resume? They should be.

Mistake number two: Too long

Is your resume more than two pages? Under certain circumstances a three page resume is acceptable (and of course a CV can be as long as you like), but generally you are better served to keep your resume no longer than two pages.

Mistake number three: Too garbled

Word economy is extremely important when it comes to writing your resume. Do you have a long list of bullet points under your job from the 1990’s? Was the position you held at that time about four levels below where you are at now?

If the answer is yes, that is a big red flag.

Perception is everything, and you really want your potential employer to see you as the leader you are now, not the manager you once were.

Mistake number four: Too plain

Have you looked at a few samples of executive-level resumes? How does your measure up to them?

Boxes, arrows and even small charts and graphs which demonstrate your accomplishments are quick, compelling and effective strategies that garner positive attention.

Have you ever looked at a credentialed, experienced resume writers website and seen the testimonials about how Mr. Executive couldn’t get an interview until Mrs. Super-Resume Writer redesigned his resume?

It works, and it’s a wise (and often tax deductible) investment!

Mistake number five: Too boring

One of the most important things your resume should convey is your accomplishments. They need to be quantified, short and highly compelling!

This is a tough one for most executives. Even resume writers admit they would be hard pressed to write their own resume!

But you can begin by using a simple template that includes the following:


2. What you did

3. What happened when you did it?

These stories should detail what you are doing when you are at your very best and LOVING your job!

This way you will be honoring your strengths and aptitudes authentically and attracting the right attention!

By avoiding these five mistakes you stand to secure more high quality interviews and reach your career goals more quickly and easily!

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