This is a question that often is asked in job interviews.

Try simply responding with a smile: very well.

You may be surprised that your interviewer smiles back and moves on to the next question!

Why is this important?

Because this question is categorized under trick questions. Meaning the nature of the question is primarily focused on generating an answer that may screen you out (versus screening you in) of the interview process.

Here’s a valuable tip: your goal is to invest the majority of your time answering questions that speak to your strengths and the value you bring. You want to minimize your answers to “trick questions” asking you to speak to anything negative or answer questions that could “open up a can of worms”.

What if the interviewer queries you for more information?

You could say: I find if I plan my work and work my plan; it alleviates a lot of stress.

I work out on a weekly basis and eat a very healthy diet

I relax by reading each day.

I take walks daily.

Just remember you don’t want to share what you do personally to alleviate stress first, because it’s not work related. If you have for example an office conflict to address – you are probably not going to go for a walk in order to “deal with it!”

Use this sweet-and-simple-answer to get one step closer to a great job offer!

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