Future CEOs: You’ll Need Integrity, Agility, and Creativity

Read about the current expectations of future CEOs in Chief Executive’s article, “The CEOs Of The Future Aren’t Who You Think.” Ed Cody, Chairman of the Pentagon Federal Credit Union, outlines the “characteristics of leaders that ultimately lead to solid organizational culture and success” in the areas of people, leaders and business.

CEO Jobs: Powerful, Quick Tips to Accelerate Your CEO Candidacy

Landing your first (or second or third) CEO role can be accelerated through understanding how to best market yourself in a way that most fluidly communicates your value points as well as gaining clarity on what the market best responds to. Here are three quick tips to help you in your next executive transition.

Job Hunting in Today’s Economy? Here is Some Positive News Worth Sharing

    Hot Jobs For 2009 Source: Jobfox Predictions on new job trends for 2009 inspired by President-elect Barack Obama’s economic initiatives: Construction Initiative: Construction of roads, bridges, transit and rural broadband 1. Construction managers 2. Project managers 3. Civil engineers 4. Computer-aided drafting specialists 5. Telecommunications engineers Finance Initiative: Greater oversight of financial markets…