“What Do You Think of My New Professionally Written Executive Resume?” (& Other Things You Wish You Never Asked). How to Network Like the Leader You Are.

Sometimes a client will tell me that once they received their newly created executive resume, or while networking, they showed their new professionally designed executive resume to a colleague, mentor, or recruiter, whose opinion they trust, and asked: “What do you think of my resume?” This is a loaded question. Whether intended or not, this […]

Mary Elizabeth Bradford Featured in Forbes: Why You Need A Board (Document) Résumé

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Check out my latest Forbes article, “Why You Need A Board (Document) Résumé,” for advice on the difference between an executive resume and board document, its purpose, and its ideal content. You can read all of my articles as a Forbes Contributor by visiting Mary Elizabeth Bradford, CERM, CMRW, CARW, MCD, NCOPE, Forbes Coaches Council Member.

CEOResumeWriter.com Receives Top Resume Writing Service Designation

CEO resume writer - Award top 10

CEOResumeWriter.com is honored to be designated as a “Top Resume Writing Services Provider 2023” by Manage HR Magazine. The September 2023 edition of Manage HR Magazine highlights the importance of effective resumes in today’s competitive job market and why seeking professional resume writing services can greatly benefit individuals in their career growth. Mary Elizabeth Bradford, […]

5 Must-Have Board Resume Writing Keywords

As a board director, you have a lengthy list of priorities for 2023. A looming recession, intense talent competition, heavy inflation, persistent supply chain disruptions, and regulatory requirement changes are weighing heavily on the minds of boards of directors. Combined with what seems like a faster-paced changing environment than what we may have experienced in…

Chief Human Resources Executive Resumes: 2023 CHRO Resume Trends

Executive career transition best practices tell us to be proactive when updating Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) resumes rather than reactive. When an executive opportunity that piques your interest comes up, you will ideally have all your career marketing documents ready to go and not have to scramble to pull everything together. The wisest CHROs…

5 Tips for an Effective Executive Career Transition

As an executive-level leader, you have assumed a certain degree of risk throughout your career. You aren’t a stranger to the sometimes unexpected and dramatic changes that come along with reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, rapid growth phases, and powerful dynamics among executive teams and board members. Luckily, you’ve got decades of experience strategizing how to…

How to Target a Board Position: Why You Need a Separate Set of Board Documents

Targeting board director roles is a different ball game than targeting executive leadership roles. As such, you need an entirely different set of career marketing documents—or board documents—to set yourself up for success. In a previous article, we covered how a board document’s content differs from an executive resume. However, the term “board document” doesn’t…

An Executive/Board Director’s Guide to Re-Entering the Workforce

It is becoming increasingly common for people to be out of the workforce for a year or more. Sometimes by choice and sometimes involuntary, there are several reasons why someone may step away from the workforce for a period, including caring for elders or children, returning to school, deciding to travel, or overcoming a personal…

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