Peter M., CISO, CO

“Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that within 30 days of updating my web page and resume through you, I got an offer for $40K more in compensation. It’s a lesser role, but I am in line for upward movement within six months!! I start Monday in Chicago!”

James P., VP, Multinational Technology, NJ

I accepted a role at XXX (a subsidiary of a $30B XXX Corporation) as VP of their XXX business. I increased my compensation by 30%. In the new job, I work in the high growth XXX area. The company culture is a fast-paced environment and it enables me to apply big ideas and my unique XXX experience for success.”

Carlyn V., Global VP, Healthcare, CA

“It has been approximately 3 months since I actively started searching after getting my profile package delivered by you and your team. As I accepted a role of VP of Global XXX with a medical devices & healthcare leader, I wanted to let you know that I have been successfully hired. I ended with a great overall package that included a 15% increase over base, 100% increase in bonus (from 25% to 50%), and a significant number of stock options vesting in 2 years. I would consider my overall package to be 50% or more than what I had at XXX.”

Len G., Sr. Manager, Fortune 500 Company, NC

“With the resume you initially wrote for me, I secured a position with a bigger title and a $30,000 overall comp. increase with a $19 billion Fortune 500 multinational manufacturer. I am excited to hire you again to update my executive resume in order to position myself to step into a Director role!”

Paul C., CFO, Fast Growth Companies, NY

I wanted to share the news that I accepted a position as CFO with an exceptional company recently. It’s with the fastest growing startup in XXX… All-in I probably increased my compensation 33% ($160k+). The equity package is a tremendous upside given the growth and I feel it’s worth perhaps 10x my prior equity. When the CEO of XXX saw my resume for the first time he quit considering other candidates. … Having the two possibilities simultaneously in play helped tremendously. Thanks so much for the outstanding work you do. I’ve given a couple of referrals already and am sure to give more. Your work is the best out there and I’m happy to serve as a reference if helpful with any prospective clients.”

Donald G., President/GM, Manufacturing, WI

“I have great news as I accepted a position and start tomorrow (Monday). I will be working for xx Manufacturing. They are a $40 million company. I am part of their succession plan as his CEO’s predecessor. I would not have found this position without your help, as this is a result of your e-mail campaign. My position was not identified until they saw my credentials, and they realized that they could benefit from someone with my experiences. I have recommended you to a few of my friends and will be forever grateful for your help!”

Lawrence T., Global HR Executive, MD

I shared a version of my resume with the President of one of the world’s largest software companies today, and he said that my resume was the best he has ever seen – really popped and told him what was most important to know. He positively raved.

Carey G., CIO of Engineering for Fortune 100, IL

I just wanted to let you know that yesterday I accepted a position with xxx as their new CIO of Engineering! In a nutshell, I received a 20% increase in base pay and a 140% increase in annual bonus; total compensation $350k+. I consider this to be ‘The Perfect Job’ for me.

Danielle S., Chief Digital Officer, Fortune Magazine Award Nominee, OR

“Your fantastic work on my Executive Resume and Biography helped me to land a Fortune Magazine 40 Under 40 nomination with a single email, after 2 years of aspiring to make it happen.”

Nathan P., VP, Hospitality, NM

“Ladies, I officially accepted the Vice President of Sales position yesterday at Cxxxx Hotels and Resorts! (Exactly 4 weeks from the day I left Wxxxxxx is that a record?) Not only have I obtained the snazzy title of VP, I increased my salary by almost $25K! In more than one interview, the most important being the owner of the company, they commented on my resume and how much it stood out from the crowd and was interesting and told the story!”

Barry F., VP, Technology, OH

Per your suggestion, I sent a VPL to the CEO (of one of the largest technology companies in the world) and received a call from the internal executive recruiter 4 hours later. My new compensation package totals $1 million and my title is Group Vice President. I attained my goals of transitioning from self-employed status to the corporate world while maintaining my geographic preference. I was glad to have you in my corner – thank you!”

Kevin A., CFO, TX

“I want to tell you how much I value the work you did in preparing my resume.  Not only was the finished product fantastic, but the process was invaluable.  Methodically working through my skills and defining the position that I wanted was a tremendous exercise. Consequently, I got three quick offers. I accepted one as a primary offer with the flexibility to take on another (which I have done). All in all, I am working from a private office near my home. I will be serving, primarily, as one firm’s CFOs while outsourcing some work for two others. The benefits: A pay increase of $80,000, complete flexibility, and a company that values my knowledge. Thank you for enduring me through it all.”

Brandon L., CTO, NY

“I was having a tough time landing interviews for posted jobs at the VP- and C-level in Silicon Valley, California. Since I was a career technologist with a couple of home-run hits, I was flabbergasted … till I read Mary Elizabeth Bradford’s book titled The NEW Executive Job Search. Her examples of what to expect using the classic methods of finding a job matched my experience 100%. Then, Mary Elizabeth and her colleagues rewrote my resume following their process. The feedback from my colleagues and potential employers was amazing: we went from “nice resume” to “fantastic format and what an amazing resume.” I landed a dream job at nearly $400k, a 30% premium over my previous jobs. In addition, I received a healthy chunk of stock options that could provide another life-changing experience. Thank you, Mary Elizabeth, for reawakening my confidence and showing me the way.”

Murali K., SVP, Consumer Goods

“As a VIP Platinum client, I received excellent support during my transition and secured a higher title in a fast growth company with a very bright future, and a $65k increase in compensation with significant bonus potential. I felt incredibly prepared during the negations and this all happened within 90 days. Thank you! I was also able to successfully transition out of the industry I was in, which was another goal of mine.”

Andrea M., CFO, Global, International/Dubai

“I hope this finds you great! Sorry I haven’t been in touch in the last couple of weeks, but have been traveling extensively overseas. I am currently in discussions for 4 different opportunities that have rapidly progressed in the last month. I am wondering if you have any guidelines, checklists or grading system that I could use to evaluate offers/opportunities as they come in?”

Zoe D., Global SVP, Telecom

“I wanted to let you know that I just signed an offer for a VP of Global Sales position with one of the largest XXX in the industry. I am very excited about my new position. I have increased my salary 20% and expect to be around 35% to 40% after a full year. I have also been in discussions through a recruiter for a senior sales management position with another company in XXX. Both of these opportunities were a direct result of my revised LinkedIn profile, updated resume and the recruiter distribution you provided for me. I want to thank you and your team for all of your hard work and guidance over the past 2 plus months. My only regret is that I did not contact your earlier in my job search. Thank you very much.”

Martin B., Senior Executive, Fortune 250 Technology Corporation

“A resume represents that critical outer layer of professional “packaging” around one’s career. Having a professionally designed executive resume provided me with the added confidence of having a solid document that accurately communicates my true value to an organization. Having this polished ammunition gave me great peace of mind during my confidential search process. Within 6 months of vetting opportunities, I landed a great executive role in an outstanding Fortune 250 company, with a 40% increase in compensation. Dream job: check. Compensation: check. The unlimited opportunity that lies ahead: priceless.

Jim T., Manufacturing COO, TX

“I landed a job with that great resume you provided several months ago. The salary is approximately 15% higher than my previous position.

Rick N., Senior Sales Engineer, Fortune 100 Company

Well my investment paid off. I applied to 2 jobs suggested to me on LinkedIn and Cisco immediately contacted me (I did have an employee referral as well), and in 9 interviews I have landed gainful employment with Cisco in XXX (we decided it’s too nice here to leave 🙂 ). My base salary is about the same; however the upside of my commission amounts to about a 20% raise, the investment paid off in ~2 weeks. I know I was initially skeptical of your services, and was second guessing my decision, but when I saw the final result I knew I had something great. In fact, that graph I wanted you to remove was the focus of about 10 minutes of discussion in an interview 🙂 Thanks again for your help and I am passing your website out to all my colleges.”

Mary A., Global Digitial Marketing Director, International/Singapore

Just wanted to give you a heads up that I accepted an offer today. I got a 10% raise from my salary at XXX, an additional week of vacation and that Director title I wanted, at XXX. I will be handling global digital marketing and e-commerce. As before, your strong resume was critical in my success. I had initially applied for another job and the outside recruiter handling the listing called me and asked if she could submit me for this job instead, knowing nothing about me other than what your resume represented. So, thank you… again!”

Anna A., Sales Executive (Industry Change), GA

“Last Thursday, out of the blue, I received a phone call and email from an HR Director at XXX and our phone interview is scheduled for this Wednesday. I credit your excellent work on revising my resume and my perseverance (I don’t give up easily!) in creating this opportunity. This was my initial company of choice and Blueprint “ideal job.

Col. Evan S., CISO, CA

“First of all, I want to thank you for your effort in posturing me for a better future. I want you to know I’ve had 5 phone screenings so far in the past two days from the distribution list you sent my resume and VPL too. The phone conversations were about 30 minutes apiece with 2 CEOs, one managing partner, and 2 executive recruiters. But that isn’t why I’m writing this email to you Mary Elizabeth, it’s because of the comments I got about how the resume was presented being what drove these people to pick up the phone and call me. Both CEOs told me that in their almost 30 years “apiece,” they have NEVER seen a more clean, crisp resume, especially from someone in the military.”

Adam R., Engineer, OR

“I’m not sure if you remember me, but you did a resume for me a few years ago now. I’ve been in a really amazing job for about 2 years, and I still remember one of the first things the CEO said to me when we met was “Your resume is amazing” – or something to that effect. Anyway, I don’t think I ever reached out and let you know how well it went over when the right person got a hold of it. So grateful for your service! Hope life and business have been great and you and your family are feeling blessed.”

Grant T., CTO, TX

“Mary Elizabeth, Regarding your VIP Program: Your knowledge of the executive space is exceptional; you look at problems and opportunities from a slightly different lens (good thing); I was going through a transitional period in my life and you were able to handle all the heavy lifting in my job search, which was such a blessing; personal website was a big hit. Bottom line is it worked. I received two offers in less than 60 days from when I finished your program.”

Russel B., Construction Executive, TN

“I had been sending my resume out with ZERO response for 6 months before you ‘talked me into’ investing in your professional resume package. In the first week of submitting my new resume to the SAME companies I had previously sent my resume to – I landed 3 interviews and I presently have an offer on the table for nearly double my previous salary. That is a $70,000 pay increase and 5000% ROI on my investment in myself and my career. Awesome!”

Linda H., Executive, TX

“I didn’t think it was possible to come out of nearly 10 years of retirement and secure the same level position I had before with a top technology company. After you designed a new resume for me, I was able to secure a 6 figure position with great benefits and I did it in just a few weeks! I had serious doubts that this kind of success was possible in this economy!”

Charles K., CFO, International/France

“After working with Mary Elizabeth, I secured a position that met my goals and increased my bonus structure over 80%! Mary Elizabeth is not only an expert career coach, she is also a person with high integrity, compassion and very motivational. I believe her greatest asset is her drive to make her clients successful.”

Sean W., Director of Engineering & Maintenance, PA

“My transition took 4 months and I got exactly what I wanted: a fantastic position with more responsibility in engineering and maintenance management. I secured a 5% salary increase, full relocation package and a nice signing bonus with a Fortune 200 company. It’s a position which can provide me career advancement and development. It’s better than my current position – now I have multiple opportunities to go anywhere in the world. I secure a lateral position. I’m so excited. Thank you for everything.”

Rudolph D., Consumer Goods, TX

“I wanted to thank you for your services and writing my resume as I have just landed a job with XXXXXX and have moved up in the industry as a National Account Manager. I received a 27.7% increase in salary plus a 10% increase in bonus and a $20,000 signing bonus. The resume definitely helped me land this position.”

Anna D., Application Development Manager, TN

“I am still deciding between two great opportunities, but I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help.

When you first did my resume, I was in the process of leaving a job, renting my house, and relocating to a new area. So I did not use the resume a lot at first. You continued to send me emails and I used everything you sent. Getting the continuous advice helped me prepare for my job search. It also focused my attention on getting myself ready for the next opportunity. At times when I had self-doubt, I would read the resume, which focused on my strengths and talents.

Once I started applying for jobs, the resume was quite successful. So far I have had a 30+% response. And I am still getting more responses. I quickly was targeted by two local consulting firms. I was hand selected out of dozens of candidates and was the only candidate offered to two major companies. At the interviews, both companies complemented me on the resume style. They said it was a refreshing, well-organized, and “project based” accounting of my experiences. They also complemented me on my broad technical range – which you highlighted in a special section close to the top of my resume.

My lack of a college degree was never mentioned; instead they focused on my “university level” technical training. The way you stated my education led me to apply to a college. I enclosed my resume with my application. They have given me credit for most of my technical training. And I have found that I am only 14 classes away from a full Bachelor’s degree. So this is now top on my to do list. This was an investment that has really paid off. Thanks for all your help. Thanks for your patience.”

Sara B., Senior Marketing Executive, TX

“My job search dragged on and on for over a year until I finally enlisted Mary Elizabeth for help. I received my new resume and started a new job I was very excited about just three months later with a $22,000 salary increase! I would call that a successful catapult into a new chapter of life! I’m very grateful for her competent help and for helping me to communicate my skills and talents much more powerfully than I could by myself.”

Megan W., Project Manager, WA

“Hope you had a good weekend! I just wanted to reach out and say ‘THANK YOU’ for all your services. I interviewed for a great position (PMO director) that I was looking for and got a job offer on Friday which gives me a title promotion and a 20% salary increase!

Maureen B., Executive Recruiter, OR

“After retaining Mary Elizabeth to design my resume and provide me with job search coaching, I secured a position with one of the top companies in the world and increased my salary by $40,000! My previous commission-driven salary took a hit in 2009 and I was really afraid that was going to result in a (long term) step backward. Thanks to Mary Elizabeth I had the savvy, the strategies, the resources and the marketing material to reach my goals.
Thank you!”

John F., Operations, TX

“Hello, I have some exciting news. Today I met with the management of ______ here in San Antonio. I am moving forward (they loved my resume) and I am excited about this limitless opportunity. I now have a means to make enough money to retire if I want twelve to thirteen years down the road, in the manner I want. That is not a possibility with my current job. I thank God for steering me and causing these managers to find favor with me. I want to thank you for your encouragement and assistance with my job search. Thank you!”

Josh G., OH

I got hired near the end of March at my #1 choice of employers, successfully moved into my industry of choice and secured a $27,000 increase in pay! All this has been a direct result of my new resume / VPL and information I learned from your audios and e-books. Prior to hiring you I was so frustrated answering jobs on job boards for months with ZERO results. I learned your system and landed 6 interviews in 3 weeks. THANK YOU for all your help. I’m sure you know this, but I was VERY skeptical and didn’t think what you were telling me about the hidden job market would work but I had no other choice but to have faith. I KNOW it works now.”

Timothy S., VP Sales, CA

“As they say the proof in the pudding . . . the new resume you created for me just landed me an interview for SR VP Sales for **** North America. They are one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. Their comments were . . . that even though they closed the list of final candidates for this position . . . they were so impressed with the resume they decide to add me to the group. Mary Elizabeth, I believe this speaks volumes for the work you have done for me!!! Thank you!”

Joseph S., Healthcare Executive, WI

“I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the resume that you created for me and how appreciative I am of your talents. As a matter of fact, I had a friend who is a Director in HR at ___ take a look at my resume and she was very impressed with your work! So impressed, that she asked me to provide her with your contact information. Thank you!!!”

Maria E., HR Executive, OH

“I started job searching August 15 and had NO responses from any of the 13 online applications. The only responses were “sorry…”

So, just since last week, I began using the new resume you designed for me. I have applied for 5 jobs and gotten 3 calls/requests to take assessments online + 2 telephone interviews. Interestingly ***** was a company I applied to several years ago, but got no response. Since I had posted my new resume in a very few select job boards, I got a call from them today out of the blue. So we have movement!!!! Thanks so much!!”

Rev. Robert C.

“Mary Elizabeth Bradford is nothing less than phenomenal as a resume writer and personal business consultant she is right on the money. I hired her to re-write my resume. Along with this I received pointers to help on job or position searches in this tough market.

I waited until the position I wanted came available then applied with my new resume. There were 20 positions available, 2000 applications and only the top 30 received interviews. With the knowledge I had learned from Mary and the new resume, I not only received an interview, but have been offered the position I wanted as well. I thank God for allowing me to find Mary here on LinkedIn. And I thank Mary for the great job she does. To work hard at giving all her clients the very best in information as well as a terrific resume and cover letter to get them in the door. Thank You so much!”

Janet K., CAN

“Not only did Mary Elizabeth design a resume for me that has landed me multiple interviews for C-level positions, in my most recent position her negotiation techniques helped me secure substantially MORE than what was originally offered!

Sharon S., TX

“I was in Chicago all day yesterday with a biotech company called **** Needless to say, I wasn’t home but only a few minutes and I got a phone call and was offered a position. Of course I accepted. The incredible thing is, I received a better package than what I had before. I am very lucky because I was hoping for someone just to come close to what I was making before. Again, I am very lucky and I begin on 4/23. So, I want to sincerely thank you for your part you played regarding this offer. I will definitely send people your way.”

Brad B., Director of National Training, WA

“My goal was to land a high visibility position, increase my income and relocate out of state. Mary Elizabeth designed an incredible resume for me and gave me the blueprint to reach my goals. I landed an incredible position in the state I wished to relocate to and increased my compensation by 20%!

Sheila C., Product Marketing Expert, TX

I landed THE interview I wanted just a week after using the resume and enhanced job search strategy you provided for me . . . I like results like that!”

Dexter M., Sou Chef, TX

“I hand-delivered the new resume you created for me to the high-end hotel/resort at the top of my “dream job” list and I didn’t even make it back out to the parking lot before they called me on my cell asking me to come in for an interview. I was hired the very next day! The hiring manager said my resume was one of the best they had ever seen and I know I secured this position over professionals with more experience and even higher degrees than I have. This resume has helped me secure my dream position in a super competitive job market and put my career track in perfect alignment with my goals. Thank you so VERY much.”

Avery M., Construction Executive, PA

“Despite the lackluster economy, I landed a job in the hidden job market within 30 days applying Mary Elizabeth’s job search techniques and having her craft my resume. My new role is an equity position so I stand to make 10 times more than I did in my previous position! Before hiring Mary Elizabeth, I wasn’t sure about the value of having a professionally written resume. However, thinking about the money I had invested in my college education and also the substantial loss of income it was costing me to be in an unfruitful full-time job search, I realized it made no sense to skimp on the document that was going to compel companies to interview me or not. I would say to anyone who is on the fence about having your resume professionally done by Mary Elizabeth: … just do it! You are making a wonderful investment in yourself and your career!”

Brian B., CIO, MD

“From your recruiter distribution, I have received a total of 124 responses, 28 that I am following up on. I will let you know what develops!”

Jonah M., Finance Executive, MI

“Mary Elizabeth provided me with the tools to penetrate the barriers that had been preventing me from realizing my career potential. She is genuinely concerned about me reaching my goals and is enthusiastic and upbeat about the process.”

Philip D., Vice President of Sales, GA

“I consider Mary Elizabeth’s resume writing abilities to be among the tops in the nation.”

Eric S., VP Operations, FL

“Mary Elizabeth’s help proved invaluable. My resume is just awesome; I could never have written it so amazingly well and it easily attracted the interest of the industry I wanted to move into.”

Mary G., HR Director, TX

“Mary Elizabeth re-wrote my resume recently and did a fabulous job! She has created some of the most supportive and informative job search materials I have run across in the last 25 + years in HR! Lots of professionals have great materials but fail to make the “human” connection with their client….but not Mary Elizabeth. She strives to get to know YOU and your experience and talents so she can create the perfect resume highlighting your best skills. Thanks, Mary Elizabeth!”

VP • Financial Technology

“I want to thank you, Cindy and the team for helping me write my executive resume and LinkedIn profile…it helped me successfully transition from Financial Services to Technology, even during these tough economic times. I recently joined XXXX, leading Financial Planning & Analysis for their Sales & Marketing Organization.”

CEO • Finance

“My interview lasted 3 hours with the venture capital firm. Your coaching from Module #4 was perfect. It was as if you were in the room with me. I remained excited throughout the interview even though I have never raised any capital for a new venture. They saw my enthusiasm and decided that they could teach me the financing business. By the end of the meeting, they outlined three different ways we can work together. Thank you for your incredible insights and being passionate about my success!”

CEO • Communications

“Thanks Mary Elizabeth, my email has been very active with acknowledgments of receipt as well as some nice personal notes regarding the depth of my experience. I used your salary negotiating techniques on my NYC interview. The CFO of the company came right at me trying to nail down a comp package 2 hours into the interview. It was good to get my first interview out of the way!”

CEO • Professional Services

“The executive resume was top rate as was my LinkedIn page, and I found the coaching very helpful. I also paid you to distribute my resume. One month later, I interviewed through one of the agencies you had sent my executive resume to and I was hired with a 90% increase in pay from my previous employer with only one drawback, and that was this would be a 2-year contract.”

Group Vice President • Fortune 100 Technology

Per your suggestion, I sent a VPL to the CEO (of one of the largest technology companies in the world) and received a call from the internal executive recruiter 4 hours later. My new compensation package totals $1 million and my title is Group Vice President. I attained my goals of transitioning from self-employed status to the corporate world while maintaining my geographic preference. I was glad to have you in my corner – thank you!”

CDO • Finance

“Your fantastic work on my Executive Resume and Biography helped me to land a Fortune Magazine 40 Under 40 nomination with a single email, after 2 years of aspiring to make it happen.”

VP • Hospitality

“Ladies, I officially accepted the Vice President of Sales position yesterday at Cxxxx Hotels and Resorts! (Exactly 4 weeks from the day I left Wxxxxxx is that a record?) Not only have I obtained the snazzy title of VP, I increased my salary by almost $25K! In more than one interview, the most important being the owner of the company, they commented on my executive resume and how much it stood out from the crowd and was interesting and told the story!”

Sr. Manager • Fortune 100

“With the executive resume you initially wrote for me, I secured a position with a bigger title and a $30,000 overall comp. increase with a $19 billion Fortune 500 multinational manufacturer. I am excited to hire you again to update my executive resume in order to position myself to step into a Director role!”

VP • Healthcare

“It has been approximately 3 months since I actively started searching after getting my executive resume package delivered by you and your team. As I accepted a role of VP of Global XXX with a medical devices & healthcare leader, I wanted to let you know that I have been successfully hired. I ended with a great overall package that included a 15% increase over base, 100% increase in bonus (from 25% to 50%), and a significant number of stock options vesting in 2 years. I would consider my overall package to be 50% or more than what I had at XXX.”

VP • Technology

I accepted a role at XXX (a subsidiary of a $30B XXX Corporation) as VP of their XXX business. I increased my compensation by 30%. In the new job, I work in the high growth XXX area. The company culture is a fast-paced environment and it enables me to apply big ideas and my unique XXX experience for success.”

Recruiter Distribution/Board of Directors • Healthcare

“People are responding very well to the board resume even when they don’t have current opportunities.”

Interim CFO Board Position • Technology

“Positive update on first few days of responses. I have received well over 100 emails responses to the resume email distribution. I have 12-15 introductory calls completed/scheduled. Quite a few have live full time CFO positions to recruit me for but as you know I am not really interested in ( I suspect these are not reading the resume closely and are responding to CFO job history) Another 30 or so have real potential including “Operating Partners” for Private Equity that get paid on a transaction basis eval and success and transition to a Board Seat or temp embedded management.”

Board Position • Technology

“Today is the first day in my new position, thanks to you both. I received my official approval to serve as an outside board of director for xxxx Services from the government on Friday (just in time for my first board meeting today). Again, this wouldn’t have happened without your support. I sincerely appreciate your work and sing your praises to my former colleagues (who will be retiring themselves over the next few years). I would expect some new calls for help.”

Managing Director • Global Finance

“So just wanted to say thanks for the CV!! I can only be on the board of one financial institution so I will be looking at board nominations for corporates next.”

BOD • Banking & Finance

“Just also wanted to let you know that I have obtained my first board nomination today. It’s for a XXXX government owned investment bank. My nomination was approved by their shareholders and their board today, and an application will be sent to the central bank for approval (as this is a board role in a regulated entity). Am keeping my fingers crossed that there will be no hiccups at the XXXXX bank stage.”

President, CEO • Global Luxury Brands

“Your exceptional wisdom and guidance will play a significant will role in my next chapter…either with a potential advisory board seat or other vetted senior executive opportunities saying, “Maria is undoubtedly the one!”

CEO/BOD • Healthcare

I have received well over 100 emails responses to the resume email distribution. 30 or so have real potential including “Operating Partners” for Private Equity that get paid on a transaction basis eval and success and transition to a Board Seat or temp embedded management. I have 12-15 introductory calls completed/scheduled. People are responding very well to the resume even when they don’t have current opportunities.”

Board Position • Security

“I just wanted to let you know that my job search was a success after your help. After a great deal of personal reflection, I turned down some full-time opportunities as a Corporate VP for Security and pursued some part-time opportunities that would allow me to spend more time with my family. I recently secured a position on the board of directors of a company doing business with the government. The position is a great part-time position that pays well and allows me to spend maximum time with my family.”


“I want to formally express how grateful I am for you. Your Job Search Success System is gold. It is an exceptional program and as I have stated before worth at minimum ten times its price. I also want to thank you for taking the time to critique my resume. One of the three suggestions moved my introduction from good to exceptional. In taking this course, I have learned exactly how to approach corporate level positions confidentially. I know what I should be doing and in what order. I also can use this to help my own friends and family acquire excellent roles. This program has changed my entire family’s career prospects. Lastly, I want to thank you for always being exceptional and warm. I am referring you as the best source for all career coaching needs. You are the gold standard and I love and appreciate you.”

Jeremy K., Construction Executive, NC

“Your job search coaching audios have VERY GOOD info I had never thought of! Your insight keeps me motivated. I wish I had heard about you 3 months earlier, I would have saved a lot of money and probably be working by now.”

Don E., Recent Graduate, VA

“I graduated from school with my master’s degree in February and have been searching for the right industry to go into. I have tried many programs and yours has been the most successful. I have actually been able to meet with people at different companies for informational interviews, something the other programs did not coach me adequately on. Thank you!”

Mike S., CIO, TN

“I saw Johnny today and I told him I was working with you and I want to tell you what he said: “The money I spent on JSS was the best money I have ever spent for improving my self-confidence. From working with Mary Elizabeth, I have transformed the entire way I think about myself. I have never believed in myself more.”

Luke S., Graphic Artist, NY

“Thanks for your help. I think I’ve covered more major ground in the last two weeks working with you than in the past few months. My resume is almost done. I have new, updated testimonials with a few more on the way, I have several alerts set up (I still have to tweak them), I started a list of companies I want to send my resume to (only 20 on the list but I’m still searching), I figured out how to get more done and stay focused (work from Starbucks or the library, not home), and I am on track to take action. Good stuff. Accountability works!”


“The Job Search Success system has transformed my approach to seeking consulting work and a full-time position. The homework that Mary Elizabeth had me perform enabled me to distill my elevator pitch to its most powerful essence. The process she lays out for the job search is a straightforward marketing campaign, yet is sufficiently comprehensive to be tailored to my specific needs. Her coaching advice on interviewing and negotiating is, even for a veteran of sales like me, insightful beyond what I expected. I am confident that relying on her experience and wisdom will be rewarding.”

Harriet O., COO, TX

“I spend a few of hours preparing for my second interview which is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. I listened and took lots of notes on Module #4 Interviews: How to ace your interviews. You provided such incredible advice on how to handle potential questions: weakness, compensation, closing questions just to name a few topics. I’m walking through the other documents from Module #4 to hone in my answers a bit more. I’ll let you know how my interview goes tomorrow. Thank you for being my coach!”

Sue C., TX

“You are a terrific coach! I have listened to your audio modules several times and often find the answers to my questions. It’s like you are reading my mind. Your call yesterday on web presence was excellent as usual.”

Brian R., Senior Software Engineer, IL

“I’ve been listening to your audios, and I’m pretty blown away by all great information I’m picking up. In fact, I am getting so much value for the $, I almost feel like I am ‘ripping you off.’ I am telling everyone I know about you and your Job Search System. Thank you!”

Marcus M., Senior Engineer, UT

I had a really great phone interview today that came from using your technique to tap into the hidden job market. The thing that was most interesting about this was they actually emailed me before I was able to call them and follow up, and I had an interview within days. Thanks for the advice and information!”

Susan P., OH

“I attended Mary Elizabeth’s webinar on March 1 and chose the Job Search Success System without coaching. I really like the worksheets supplied and the audio presentations. Mary Elizabeth makes job search planning and preparation painless, and her conversational coaching style is very pleasant and presents how straightforward the system actually is.”

Matt H., Aviation Dir., FL

“I was contacted by the xxxxx (57th on the PII top 400) after sending a value proposition letter to the CEO (tapping into the hidden job market). The CEO passed it to the president who I talked to for 1/2 hr and then had two subsequent calls with the VP of Operations over the past two days. Thank you!”

Noula B., Manager, TX

“Your content is amazing. I have been searching for a good career coach for a year and I have been a little cautious. Your style is so authentic and trustworthy.”

Matthew V., VP of Human Resources, Alaska

“Mary Elizabeth’s system for assisting her clients is unique and addresses more than just finding a new job. I found her questions helped me to identify what was truly important to me and my family. Not only did she help me with seeking new employment, I found the weekly journal helped me to better define me as a professional. Where I started and ended with my career search is different. With the assistance of Mary Elizabeth, I was able to secure a position that fit me professionally and was what I truly desired from a new position. Mary Elizabeth is warm, caring, and takes the time to tailor a job search that has a positive and rewarding outcome.”

Mark H., VP Technology, CA

“I was able to use portions of your tips and strategies outlined in your Interviewing/Negotiations Course in my recent interviews and compensation negotiations and just signed the offer letter for a position that is about 35% higher than the total compensation from my last position, and it’s with a consistently top rated company for employee satisfaction. I was able to tactfully affect the initial anchor offer upwards before it was made, and then still pushed it up another $31,700 after that with an additional week vacation and early performance appraisal thrown in to boot. Thank you!

Julie K., Advertising, TX

“I participated in your Job Search Success System. Two weeks ago, I accepted a job offer as an xxxxx for a xxxxxx company here in xxx Texas. The CEO offered me the job on the first interview; I had faxed him a one-page value proposition letter. The things I learned in The Job Search Success System were priceless, especially the information about the hidden job market. I focused solely on the hidden job market. My job search resulted in a pay increase of 5k per year. I had a total of five interviews; which resulted in 2 job offers, and 4 second interviews. I didn’t post my resume on any job board, never contacted anyone in HR or submitted my resume via email. I am now in a new industry. My search could have been shorter, if I hadn’t let my fears and doubts slow me down from time to time. I think the key thing was focusing on the hidden job market, following up, and focusing on how I could help companies solve their problem or add value. Thank you!!!”

Operations Director, US Military, TX

“I accepted an offer as an executive for (premier retailer). Many Many Many THANKS to your outstanding work and all the information I gained and used from your Career Artisan Series. I can say without hesitation the small investment paid big dividends in both obtaining a job I am really excited about, the interview and negotiation process. I was well prepared far more than I understood in the beginning along with realizing how much of an advantage I had obtained over my peers struggling with transition. My new salary is a comparable 6 figures $ to my current military pay. Not bad for starting in a new career with no retail experience (thy hired me for the ability to lead sm, med and large organizations). Also, I negotiated 10K more per year plus and 5K signing bonus and ________ has a very generous benefits program.”

Sales Executive, ENG

“I just got an offer that with salary plus bonus, the annual target income is near 6-figures and since the bonus is variable, it could top 6-figures. Thanks for being a great coach! HR informed that my requested salary was beyond the range for my position, but they offered it to me anyway… wow! Happy Mom’s Day to you!”

Nicholas S., IL

“You and your system helped me transition from 27 years in video production to retail management with the leading grocery company in the world. AND I did it without having to take a pay cut! What’s more, I was brought in at a level two Manager level. It seemed like quite a leap but you helped me craft a resume that showed them that I could do it, and now I am! In fact, much of my success I credit to your program including learning the priceless information you provide in your interview coaching module on repositioning into new industries gave me the answers to tough questions – this was key for me. Thank you!”

Adam M., Construction Executive, PA

“By applying Mary Elizabeth’s coaching strategies, I found a job in the hidden job market in under 30 days and the company called ME! What’s more, through using Mary Elizabeth’s interview and negotiation techniques, I secured an agreement with my new employer to share in 30% of the net profits of both new and existing clients. I never dreamed an opportunity like this would have come along in this market. I refer everyone I know that is currently in a job search to Mary Elizabeth, The Career Artisan . . . she can help you meet and even exceed your career goals. Thank you!!”

Bob G., Operations Executive, FL

“After using your system I received three interviews in a single week in the hidden job market! I was offered an ideal position with a 10% compensation increase over my previous job. On top of that, I used your “monthly email day” to ask you about negotiation techniques and, with the coaching and feedback you gave me, I was able to negotiate a $23,000 signing bonus and full relocation package into the offer I received! It is a great job opportunity that is in line with my objectives, and one that I never went out to the job boards to try to find. I also have a new set of tools to help my personal networking and business marketing activities moving forward. Thanks again, Mary Elizabeth, for your efforts in developing a well-thought-out, easy-to-follow program . . . it works!”

Daniel T., OR

“I wanted to let you know that I finally got a job after 5 interviews!!! It was not a posted job. They actually created a job for me. Hummmm. Where have I heard this before now? So, I owe you a success story using your system.”

Julie H., Vice President Member Relations, TX

“Mary Elizabeth Bradford helped me understand what I could be doing better to create a rewarding job opportunity. My only regret is not having found her sooner during my job search journey. Initially, I was reluctant to purchase the Job Search Success (JSS) System but after finally doing so, I was glad to have made the investment in my career. Each session is filled with so much valuable information – solid proven techniques resulting from her years’ experience as a successful executive recruiter. Besides she entertaining to listen to and keeps you connected to the topic. The JSS system is something I can refer back at any time. In fact, I’ve listened to some of my favorite episodes multiple times still learning new things. Mary Elizabeth is genuine and thoughtful.”

Julie B., TX

“I just had to send you a note to give you an update of what’s been happening for me. Since December 24, 2011, I have conducted a small direct mail campaign to about 30 companies per your instructions. Last week I got two calls from hiring managers and one of them resulted in an interview on this past Friday. The interview on Friday went well and the hiring manager let me know about another hidden position they had coming up and asked if I was interested in that one as well. By the time Friday afternoon rolled around, I had two more interviews with two different companies scheduled for this week. Today I got another call for an interview with a different company for this week. One of the hiring managers I have an interview with on Thursday of this week e-mailed me as soon as he got my letter and told me they had a position open but I had to apply online first. I had applied online for the position on December 24. I let him know this and he promptly contacted HR wanting to know why they had not let them know I had applied. If it hadn’t been for my letter he still would not know that I exist because HR was in the way.”

Mark N., IL

I landed a position as a technical trainer with a software company — just what I wanted to find. I also negotiated a 6% salary increase — your training in resume and interview preparation were key to my success during the interview process. In fact, my morning phone interview led to an in-person interview the same afternoon and a job offer as I was driving home! The JSS helped me organize an ineffective job search into one where I had much more confidence in my actions . . . I think it did shorten my time to landing a new job. Thank you very much for your JSS service!”

Tony Y., FL

“After a yearlong job search (with no results) I signed up for your JSS as a last resort. 40 days later here I am with a great job offer in hand. Thank you!”

Betsy D., TX

“My job search resulted in a pay increase. The job offer I accepted resulted in a salary increase of 5k per year. The job offer I turned down, because it wasn’t a good fit, offered me a salary increase of $13,500 per year. I’m now in a new industry and state, thank you!”

Ron R., Senior Engineer, CA

“Though I have only been a member of your coaching group for a few weeks, I am already seeing amazing benefits from your services. The instruction is easy to apply and makes my job search turnkey, just like you promised. I have already recommended your services to three other people. You give a ton of value for a very modest investment. I like your comprehensive, no-nonsense approach.”

Gina C., Marketing Professional, MN

“It’s easy to tell Mary Elizabeth loves to help people find their dream career. I love her sincerity and honesty, and her ability to provide such in-depth and profound information and contacts. If you are a job seeker and you want to find the exceptional opportunities today—then you have to have the best mentors, research, and strategies. That is what I see in Mary Elizabeth—the best mentor for finding the best career opportunities. Thank you and thank God for you!”

Robert K., Aerospace Executive, WI

“Life presents hidden blessings with a job change. Nobody really wants to go through it, but a job search and change can yield wonderful results and life changing benefits. One of the best ways to go through this change is with Mary Elizabeth. I was displaced out of my dream job and had to not only find a new job, but change careers within my industry. Mary Elizabeth helped me find hidden qualities to search for a new dream job and transfer skills from my previous experience to make me competitive for a position I had never done before!
In the end, her networking ideas and excellent career transition experience got me connected and I found a new job. Mary Elizabeth stayed by my side throughout the whole process. When I found a new job, she helped me to negotiate the best package. I am now getting a paid move to a new state where I wanted to live, in a new job I have never done before, making more money than I did in my old job! Rough economy, complete job change, new state, more money, networking! My success is Mary Elizabeth’s goal and program. I enthusiastically recommend Mary Elizabeth to anyone who needs even the most challenging help! She’s different than the corporate programs because she makes your case personal. Your business becomes her business!”

Laura DeCarlo, Executive Director & President, Career Directors International

“As President of the professional association, Career Directors International, I have had the opportunity to get to know member, conference speaker, and committee volunteer, Mary Elizabeth. She has consistently impressed me her cutting edge strategies for career success, and her willingness to help others succeed.”

Michelle Dumas, CPRW, NCRW, CCM, CEIP, JCTC, CPBS President of Distinctive Documents and 100K Marketing, recognized resume writing expert, advisory board member and industry leader featured in more than ten top-selling books

“Through my work and through my participation in industry associations I come into contact with hundreds of job search and career coaches. I am always very, very careful about who I refer my clients to. For the past two years, Mary Elizabeth has received ALL of my referrals when I have clients that would benefit from executive job search coaching. I personally think she is amazing, and my clients agree. I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback! I give Mary Elizabeth my highest recommendation.”

Peter Clayton, Total Picture Radio

“Searching for a new job? Do yourself a favor: stop spending your time surfing the job boards, and invest your time participating in Mary Elizabeth Bradford’s coaching group. I’ve interviewed hundreds of career coaches. Mary Elizabeth is the real deal. If you’ve been going it alone, you know this is a brutal, hyper-competitive job market. Here is a golden opportunity to learn from someone with the right skill-set and knowledge. Mary Elizabeth will help you take weeks (maybe even months) off of your job search campaign.”

Robert Mandelberg, CPRW, CEIP Creative Edge Resume & Writing Service, LLC Certified Professional Resume Writer and Certified Employment Interview Professional

“Mary Elizabeth Bradford’s Job Search Success System is packed with insider secrets, useful resources, handy templates, and cutting-edge strategies for job seekers at all levels. It’s a step-by-step blueprint to identifying ideal opportunities, developing powerful job-search strategies, and penetrating the hidden job market. If you are serious about doing what it takes to reach your career goals, then Mary Elizabeth’s coaching, guidance, and comprehensive system will get you there. Highly recommended!”