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Are you a Chief Financial Officer, Chief Actuarial Officer, Chief Audit Executive, Treasurer, Director, or SVP/VP of Finance?

CEO Resume Writer was founded by Mary Elizabeth Bradford, CERM, CMRW+EE, CARW, MCD, NCOPE, IBDC.D, MQLE.D, an award-winning career industry thought leader and past owner of an executive recruiting firm.

Mary Elizabeth and her small global team of multi-certified, top executive resume writers, executive career coaches, and past executive recruiters have been successfully serving C-Suite leaders across the globe for over a decade and are known as one of the top boutique CFO resume writing services firms in the world.

Let us show you how a small investment in yourself and your career can result in landing quality interviews, formidable salary increases, bigger titles, and more fulfilling executive opportunities.

Attention: Executives Seeking Your Next Opportunity
Are you experiencing the following?
  • You have not updated your CFO executive resume in recent years—and never had to before now.
  • You want to step up into a CFO role and need a strong resume to help achieve your goals.
  • A recruiter has told you your CFO executive resume needs work.
  • You are unsure what today’s CFO resume is supposed to look like and how your CFO resume compares.
  • You want to change industries or qualify for a bigger position/title but are unclear how to frame your executive resume to accurately position yourself.
  • You find it frustrating to “market” yourself and communicate your executive achievements.
  • You know that your Chief Financial Officer (CFO) resume falls short of selling your leadership competencies, but don’t know what to do about it.
  • You need a powerful CFO executive resume for you and your executive team as part of your company sale or to secure funding.
  • You have a step-up opportunity with your current company and need to submit the best executive resume you can.
  • You worry your LinkedIn profile isn’t doing you any favors and are unsure how to improve it.
  • You have been through a challenging professional situation and need help developing your executive resume AND framing up your elevator pitch/interview content to minimize negative impact.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Executive Resume Packages

Our founder, Mary Elizabeth Bradford, award-winning, multi-certified executive resume writer, C-suite/BOD transition strategy expert and past executive recruiter, empowers us to offer you a holistic experience, making us more than just an executive resume writing services company. We advise you on the direction and transition strategies that work at the executive level, the development of your executive resume and other marketing materials, and the personalized recruiter/private equity/investment bank introductions and strategies for high-level interviewing and negotiations. ALL our executive resume packages come with either self-guided materials on the above topics or private coaching to address your specific needs.

VIP Executive Package
*First Choice For CFOs
Our most popular package for CFOs and top executives needing a full suite of marketing materials, including an executive resume, a one-page resume, executive biography, endorsements, private coaching, and executive recruiter and private equity introductions.


Executive Resume Packages

Just need an executive resume written to your next preferred role? You can also add a LinkedIn profile design to this package.


VIP Premium Package

Our most popular all-inclusive package for executives. It includes your executive resume, value proposition letter, LinkedIn profile, private coaching, and recruiter introductions.


VIP Platinum Package

In addition to all the services provided in the VIP Executive Package, VIP Platinum clients coach directly with Mary Elizabeth Bradford.


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Founder Mary Elizabeth Bradford brings 20+ years of executive recruiting, leadership coaching, and award-winning executive resume writing to her team and clients. Understanding how things look “from different sides of the table” and having coached and advised thousands of top executives through their entire job search gives her a unique perspective on executive career transitions.

This expertise is why we are more than just an executive resume writing firm. We can help you learn through either private coaching or our self-guided materials how to create and manage your executive transition, from getting clear on your goals, your target markets, and the best move for you, to developing your executive resume documents, to helping you define and implement the best executive transition strategies for YOUR unique situation.

This hands-on and highly personalized approach has earned the trust of our clients, who return over the years for ongoing advisory and executive resume services as they continue to advance their executive career goals. With a high degree of client referrals and a 99% client satisfaction rate, we are the top executive resume writing firm for financial executives in the US and one of the best executive resume writing services firms for top executives globally.

Your Chief Financial Officer Resume is Your Key to Unlocking Conversations That Lead to Your Next Financial Executive Opportunity

Our executive resume writing services team designs executive resumes for Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and C-Suite executives across almost every industry. Our strategy involves, in part, crafting your executive resume TO your goals—transforming your executive resume into a compelling, strategically designed top CFO resume that is both impressive and engaging to your audience and setting your CFO executive resume above the rest.

Our executive resume writing firm uses a proprietary method for partnering with you to clarify your goals, create your unique branding message, and showcase your metric-driven accomplishments in a crisp, compelling way; formatted in a co-branded design that aligns with your industry, leadership profile, and subject matter expertise.

Our clients secure roles in all industries and company sizes, including with the world’s largest global corporations.

Chief Financial Officer Executive Resume and LinkedIn Profile Writing Examples

Unlike other resumes, your executive resume is a high-level document that speaks to many specialized skills highly sought after at the executive level. These may include showcasing your strengths in strategic leadership, M&A, IPOs, private equity partnerships, revenue generation, operational excellence, and human capital retention, to name a few. To craft the best executive resume, the layout and content must be strategically constructed to appeal to the reader and align with the role you want next.

As a top executive, your professional marketing documents only begin with your executive resume. Our executive resume writing services team also crafts targeted value proposition letters and expert LinkedIn profiles, executive biographies, endorsement pages, and online career portfolios.

Our Unique Executive CFO Resume Writing Services Process

Please note that we are available by phone and email for any questions at any time during the process.


Pick your executive resume package online and place your order.


Complete our proprietary marketing blueprint.


Receive your draft resume in 10 business days.


Make minor edits with us by email or phone.


Receive your proofed resume in 3 formats: Word, PDF, and ATS-friendly.

Receive personalized or self-guided instruction on executive transition strategies, executive interviews, and compensation negotiation.

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Mary Elizabeth Bradford, CMRW+EE, CARW, CERM, MCD, NCOPE, IBDC.D, MC

If you are a Director, VP, CxO, or Board Member interested in an executive resume package or working directly with Mary Elizabeth, click below to schedule a complimentary 15-minute call with one of our team members

Why We Are The Best Executive Resume Writing Firm
Our CFO Resume Writing Service Reviews & Testimonials
It starts with your executive resume, but your CFO resume writing services team takes a holistic approach to your entire transition, advising you every step of the way to make achieving your goals as manageable and efficient as possible. This is why we consider ourselves the best executive resume writing firm for Chief Financial Officers In the US.

“I accepted a position as CFO with an exceptional company recently. It’s with the fastest growing startup in XXXX, a company in the e-commerce, manufacturing, and cushioning technology experiencing hyper growth with excellent forward prospects. All-in I probably increased my compensation 33% ($160k+). The equity package tremendous upside given the growth and I feel it’s worth perhaps 10X my prior equity. When the CEO of XXXX saw my resume for the first time he quit considering other candidates. The transition was interesting and short, about 2 weeks.”

CFO Fast-Growth Companies

I received a 30% total increase in comp ($100K) and a higher title: Chief Accounting Officer. Everyone was very impressed with my background/experience/credentials because you have done a fantastic job at showcasing them on my profile and resume.”

CFO Fortune 500

Within 6 months of vetting opportunities, I landed a great executive role in an outstanding Fortune 250 company, with a 40% increase in compensation. Dream job: check. Compensation: check. The unlimited opportunity that lies ahead: priceless.”

Executive Technology

“After working with Mary Elizabeth, I secured a position that met my goals and increased my bonus structure over 80%! Mary Elizabeth is not only an expert career coach, she is also a person with high integrity, compassion and very motivational. I believe her greatest asset is her drive to make her clients successful.”

Charles K. CFO International/France

“I want to tell you how much I value the work you did in preparing my resume. Not only was the finished product fantastic, but the process was invaluable. Methodically working through my skills and defining the position that I wanted was a tremendous exercise. Consequently, I got three quick offers. I accepted one as a primary offer with the flexibility to take on another (which I have done). All in all, I am working from a private office near my home. I will be serving, primarily, as one firm’s CFOs while outsourcing some work for two others. The benefits: A pay increase of $80,000, complete flexibility, and a company that values my knowledge. Thank you for enduring me through it all.”

Kevin A. CFO  TX

I just accepted an offer in a CFO role in my target location of Austin TX. Thank you for your support.”

CFO Franchise

“I hope this finds you great! Sorry I haven’t been in touch in the last couple of weeks, but have been traveling extensively overseas. I am currently in discussions for 4 different opportunities that have rapidly progressed in the last month. I am wondering if you have any guidelines, checklists or grading system that I could use to evaluate offers/opportunities as they come in?”

Andrea M. CFO, Global International/Dubai

“With a very big THANKS! I just got my dream job and will moving on to bigger and better. I am very excited. I want to thank you for helping me give my executive resume a face lift. I am convinced this helped me land my new role. I obtained this role initially though a new LinkedIn executive recruiter relationship. I secured a compensation increase and a bigger role. Thanks for all your help with my new career challenge, we put this together in 2020. Worked beautifully.”

Managing Director Financial Services

Frequently Asked Questions

At the C-Suite level, you need a strategically aligned document expertly crafted to your goals. Writers that have amassed the expertise to deliver an effective CFO resume are typically in the $2K–$5K range.

Additionally, as executive resume writing is a non-regulated industry, our professional opinion is that the executive resume writer or executive resume writing services firm you retain should have at least 10 years of experience crafting C-level resumes and advanced certifications from associations such as Career Directors International (CDI), The National Association of Resume Writers (NARW), or Career Thought Leaders (CTL). You can seek executive resume writing firms to vet through the aforementioned association directories.

Once you have chosen your package, you will receive everything you need via email to begin the process. Your team is comprised of your Project Director (who will be your point of contact and will reach out to you personally within one business day) and your writer. Mary Elizabeth Bradford acts as Executive Project Director and ultimately oversees all projects.

Depending on the package you choose, your executive resume package project can be completed in as little as 4–8 weeks. Rush projects are taken with prior approval and require an additional investment.

Our clients return time and again for many reasons. One of the main reasons is the return on investment from the marketing support and strategic guidance they receive from us. Our clients typically secure $20K–$1M in additional overall compensation and achieve their executive career goals when they partner with us. Because of our end-to-end approach as a full-service executive resume writing firm, we are able to provide the marketing collateral, resources, and support needed to partner with you in securing your next executive appointment. We are able to partner with you to provide the executive resume materials, resources, advisory services, and support you need to land your next executive appointment.

CEO Resume Writer can write to and advise you on strategy for almost any transition, including industry and title changes, reorganizations, and geographical moves.

We craft the best executive resumes across all industries, including technology, professional services, healthcare, manufacturing, banking, finance, energy, construction, and engineering. We have ample expertise in the private equity and venture capital markets.

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