Do you have a telephone interview coming up? If you are unsure about how to prepare then read these 5 simple and easy tips for preparing and acing your “virtual meeting!”

Tip One: Focus on them

It’s wise to study the company’s website and latest press releases as well as the job description prior to your phone interview.

Tip Two: Job description technique

A GREAT inside tip to using the job description to your ultimate advantage is to highlight all the key words and phrases in it that match your background of experience. Include transferable skills in this as well. Then weave these exact key words and phrases into your conversation. Simple solution – profound results.

Tip Three: Show your positive enthusiasm

Isn’t it true that we all like happy and likeable people? And what’s more, you will make a great impression on your interviewer if you share with him or her how excited you are about the position, about their company or a combination of both! They want to hire people who want to work with them!

Tip Four: Be wisely proactive

Ask questions (at the appropriate times of course) that show your intellect and your enthusiasm for the position. Examples include questions about future projects, biggest challenges and asking (if you were hired) what are the first things you could do to make a positive impact in the position.

Tip Five: Awareness of your environment

You want to conduct your end of the interview in a peaceful, quiet place you feel good in, free of disturbances including barking dogs, call waiting, planes, trains, autos and other people. This will help you focus and heighten your calm and confidence!

Bonus Tip: Politeness

Your clear, deliberate speaking, avoidance of talking over the top of your interviewer, show of appropriate respect (please -thank you-etc…) and your awareness of a balanced dialogic conversation will serve you well!

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