Knowing what triggers a company’s interest and quickly motivates them to sit up and take notice of you is powerful knowledge that you can use over and over again.

Of course, each situation is different, but the running themes that connect them are the same. Here are several motivators you can begin using to increase a company’s interest in you:

Motivator #1 You can solve a problem they have
Perhaps you read about it in a job ad or in a news article. No matter where, a company that has a challenge will appreciate your attention to it and willingness to be either a part of the solution or THE solution!

Motivator #2 You have little, if any, competition
Don’t wait for a job ad to post on a major job board before you connect with your companies of choice!

Connect with a decision maker (not human resources) and express your interest and qualifications. Companies ALWAYS have a need for talented people across all departments – so why wait when responding to a job board ad means competing with hundreds of other resumes? Compounded by the fact that over 80% of jobs aren’t even advertised!

Motivator #3 You have a REALLY impressive resume
This is where hiring a resume writer really pays off. One of my clients told me he landed a great interview in a new industry he was targeting. When he got there, the first thing the interviewer told him was “I just had to meet the man behind this resume!” Needless to say, the interview went very well and he got the job!

A compelling resume is just one component of a successful job search, but it is a powerful help to have your interviewer “primed up” by impressing them with a resume that builds the excitement of meeting you!

Motivator #4 You are enthusiastic
You will score BIG, BIG POINTS if during your interview, you find an opportune time to say, “I am really impressed with your company and I can definitely see myself working here” or “I am really excited about this position” or even “I want this job!” Just think about it, would you want to hire someone who didn’t want to work with you? Of course not!

Motivator #5 You are positive
There is no deal breaker like a string of negative questions and answers. People that are critical thinkers have to be especially careful about coming off too quiet or too questioning in interviews (my engineering, technology, and finance friends, you know who you are ).

You don’t have to be something that you are not, but take a little time to prepare for your interviews putting a special focus on the positive responses you can give, PLUS (and this is a big plus) stories about your accomplishments! Critical thinkers and introverts can display their brilliance and their aptitudes just as easily as outgoing people as long as they take time to prepare for their interviews.

These are simple, but tried and true techniques that are easy to overlook, but pay off in more generous offers if you take the time to incorporate them into your job search strategy!

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