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Quick Set Up

We use Basecamp to track and manage your project. It is easy to set up, and once done, it will allow the team to engage on your project in real time and correspondence through Basecamp will come directly to your email.

You will receive a message in the next 1–2 business days with instructions on how to join your project. The subject line of my invitation to you will look like this:

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Once you join us in Basecamp, you can upload whichever resume(s), cover letters, and other documentation you want us to review.

Complete Your Blueprint

Here is where we get started! Please open this link to your “Career Success Blueprint” to download, complete and upload to Basecamp.

Career Success Blueprint

Your Blueprint is a leadership development tool with questions that will help you clarify your goals, analyze your markets of interest and align your major accomplishments and skills to the opportunity you want next.

I believe you will be pleasantly surprised with how it will help you frame your overall strategy, and the information you provide will empower us to develop a powerful executive resume and supporting marketing materials for you.

If you have questions as you are completing your Blueprint, please call or reach out to me so I can help. Our clients generally take 2 to 14 days to complete it. Once completed. Please upload it to Basecamp so we can analyze your input to determine if we need additional information from you before we begin to draft your executive resume.

Blueprint Support (Optional)

Mary Elizabeth Bradford recorded a short audio on how to determine your next best role, plus a tip sheet that guides you on how to approach writing about your metric driven accomplishments.

How to Contextualize Your Focus of Direction (audio)
Helpful if you find you’re not satisfied with the current clarity of what you want your next role to look like – and how to gauge market need.

How to Quantify Your Accomplishments (PDF)
Helpful if you are unsure which accomplishments of yours to showcase or how to approach sharing metrics.

C-Suite Job Transition Kit

We are pleased to offer you our C-Suite Job Transition Kit. This is our digital product that outlines career transition strategies our other C-Suite clients use successfully. We hope you will use it as it has proven to accelerate your results in a profound way. It can also save you a tremendous amount of time and help you manage your transition efficiently and effectively.

C-Suite Job Transition Kit

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Please invite Mary Elizabeth to connect with you on LinkedIn! She has 400K board members, 300K CEOs, 95K recruiters, and 61K private equity executives in her first- and second-degree connections. This means that by connecting with her, you now have access to her connections—and they have access to YOU.

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If you have any questions about these steps, please feel free to call or email me via Basecamp. I welcome you and truly look forward to getting started and partnering with you toward a successful career transition.