What type of leader are you? Where can you improve?

DISC Leadership Assessment Report

We are proud to partner with ProfilingPro® to provide you with a Communication and Behavioral Strengths DISCstyles Leadership Report.

People are Hired based on Excellent Job Skills and Fired based on Poor Interpersonal Skills.

Superior Leadership Performance

Interacting effectively with people can make the difference between success and failure in both work and personal lives. Effective interpersonal interaction starts with an accurate perception of oneself. The Communication and Behavioral Strengths DISCstyles Leadership Report gives executives, managers, and leaders a greater knowledge of themselves and others, leading to superior performance.

Mastering the leadership adaptability strategies within this report may be some of the most important leadership skills you can learn.

Effective Leadership Communications

Of particular interest to leaders is how the leadership report clarifies the interpersonal communication preference concept. Knowing this, the leader can easily learn to communicate with others in the way they prefer! Leaders will become more aware of how their natural and adapted behavioral styles are influencing others’ reactions to them and either enhancing or inhibiting their success, and the success of others.

Increased Value to the Organization

Faced with an ever-changing landscape of challenges and opportunities, self-knowledge assists leaders in achieving success for their organizations. Leaders can develop action plans to build on their strengths and overcome factors currently limiting their success.

Achievement of Peak Performance

People are most productive in environments that compliment and reward their own natural behaviors. However, natural behaviors may not produce desired results, especially when interacting with people who exhibit opposite behaviors. The leadership report will bring to light opportunities for improvements in communication, driven by the work environment and coworkers’ needs. By understanding the most effective adjustments to make to achieve success, leaders learn to effectively adjust behavior as needed, competently and productively.

Results / Benefits

With your personalized and comprehensive DISCstyles Leadership report, you have a tool to help you develop strategies to meet the motivational needs of others and become more effective in getting positive results. Your ability to recognize the “style mode” being displayed by another person and making small adaptations in the pace and focus of the interaction are the quickest and surest path to leadership mastery.

Establishing the best interactions comes from learning how to treat others the way they want to be treated.

Your leadership report applies specifically to the successful performance of a CEO, business owner, manager and/or executive decision maker and can yield important results and valuable benefits in several areas of professional development:

  • Helps you understand how you approach problems and challenges
  • Targets characteristics that move you from being just a manager to being a respected leader
  • Strategizes for open, direct, and effective communications for your organization’s needs
  • Helps you prepare for job interviews
  • Provides your résumé writer and career coach with knowledge about the interpersonal skills you bring to your work environment
Credibility is important to your success and your success is important to us.

Our DISC assessment provider conducts routine research to ensure that we provide the most valid assessment products in the marketplace. The validity studies are completed by third party statisticians, and we are proud to let the numbers speak for themselves by making the validity statement readily available to you.

The validity studies prove the face validity, which means the assessment appears to measure what it claims. More importantly, the validity and reliability studies go beyond the face validity and provide proof of construct validity, which is based on correlations and statistical analysis.

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