After coaching literally hundreds of executive clients and hosting over 3000 executive teleseminars it’s easy for me to see the repeat traits of those clients who consistently rise to the top, find and win their dream jobs and meet their career goals. Here are three distinct traits that these super successful executives have in common:

Trait #1 Their mindset

These super successful executives seem to live in a world of their own. It’s a world that they seem to control the stimulus of in a purposeful way. Being highly positive people, they seem to protect this mindset through limiting their exposure to negativity and negative thinking. When they make goals for themselves they don’t “hang around” with people that tell them their goals can’t be reached. Simple as that.

Trait #2 Their enthusiasm

Doesn’t if feel great to love what you do? These executives all shared a real enthusiasm for their jobs. They loved the challenge and the satisfaction of being an expert in their field and doing the best jobs they could. When these executives interviewed with potential new companies, their enthusiasm was contagious and engaging.

Trait #3 Their sense of commitment

These executives didn’t wait to get things “just right” before they took action. Too much revising and analyzing means limited forward movement, and being held back this way is something foreign and uncomfortable for high performing executives. A healthy sense of urgency equals an abundant amount of activity in job searches.

Equally, these successful executives knew instinctively not to take a passive receiver role in their job search. They didn’t wait for the perfect job to come to them, nor did they wait for their interviewers to “figure out” he or she was the right person for the job. They took an active initiative in their job search from a position of leadership and control, each step of the way.

Adopt these goal achieving traits in your own search to enjoy your own successful results in abundance!