Job Search Testimonials

“Life presents hidden blessings with a job change. Nobody really wants to go through it, but a job search and change can yield wonderful results and life changing benefits. One of the best ways to go through this change is with Mary Elizabeth. I was displaced out of my dream job and had to not only find a new job, but change careers within my industry. Mary Elizabeth helped me find hidden qualities to search for a new dream job and transfer skills from my previous experience to make me competitive for a position I had never done before!
In the end, her networking ideas and excellent career transition experience got me connected and I found a new job. Mary Elizabeth stayed by my side throughout the whole process. When I found a new job, she helped me to negotiate the best package. I am now getting a paid move to a new state where I wanted to live, in a new job I have never done before, making more money than I did in my old job! Rough economy, complete job change, new state, more money, networking! My success is Mary Elizabeth’s goal and program. I enthusiastically recommend Mary Elizabeth to anyone who needs even the most challenging help! She’s different than the corporate programs because she makes your case personal. Your business becomes her business!”

Robert K. Aerospace Executive WI

“It’s easy to tell Mary Elizabeth loves to help people find their dream career. I love her sincerity and honesty, and her ability to provide such in-depth and profound information and contacts. If you are a job seeker and you want to find the exceptional opportunities today—then you have to have the best mentors, research, and strategies. That is what I see in Mary Elizabeth—the best mentor for finding the best career opportunities. Thank you and thank God for you!”

Gina C. Marketing Professional MN

“My job search resulted in a pay increase. The job offer I accepted resulted in a salary increase of 5k per year. The job offer I turned down, because it wasn’t a good fit, offered me a salary increase of $13,500 per year. I’m now in a new industry and state, thank you!”

Betsy D. TX

“Though I have only been a member of your coaching group for a few weeks, I am already seeing amazing benefits from your services. The instruction is easy to apply and makes my job search turnkey, just like you promised. I have already recommended your services to three other people. You give a ton of value for a very modest investment. I like your comprehensive, no-nonsense approach.”

Ron R. Senior Engineer CA

“I just had to send you a note to give you an update of what’s been happening for me. Since December 24, 2011, I have conducted a small direct mail campaign to about 30 companies per your instructions. Last week I got two calls from hiring managers and one of them resulted in an interview on this past Friday. The interview on Friday went well and the hiring manager let me know about another hidden position they had coming up and asked if I was interested in that one as well. By the time Friday afternoon rolled around, I had two more interviews with two different companies scheduled for this week. Today I got another call for an interview with a different company for this week. One of the hiring managers I have an interview with on Thursday of this week e-mailed me as soon as he got my letter and told me they had a position open but I had to apply online first. I had applied online for the position on December 24. I let him know this and he promptly contacted HR wanting to know why they had not let them know I had applied. If it hadn’t been for my letter he still would not know that I exist because HR was in the way.”

Julie B. TX

I landed a position as a technical trainer with a software company — just what I wanted to find. I also negotiated a 6% salary increase — your training in resume and interview preparation were key to my success during the interview process. In fact, my morning phone interview led to an in-person interview the same afternoon and a job offer as I was driving home! The JSS helped me organize an ineffective job search into one where I had much more confidence in my actions . . . I think it did shorten my time to landing a new job. Thank you very much for your JSS service!”

Mark N. IL

“After a yearlong job search (with no results) I signed up for your JSS as a last resort. 40 days later here I am with a great job offer in hand. Thank you!”

Tony Y. FL

“Mary Elizabeth Bradford helped me understand what I could be doing better to create a rewarding job opportunity. My only regret is not having found her sooner during my job search journey. Initially, I was reluctant to purchase the Job Search Success (JSS) System but after finally doing so, I was glad to have made the investment in my career. Each session is filled with so much valuable information – solid proven techniques resulting from her years’ experience as a successful executive recruiter. Besides she entertaining to listen to and keeps you connected to the topic. The JSS system is something I can refer back at any time. In fact, I’ve listened to some of my favorite episodes multiple times still learning new things. Mary Elizabeth is genuine and thoughtful.”

Julie H. Vice President Member Relations TX

“After using your system I received three interviews in a single week in the hidden job market! I was offered an ideal position with a 10% compensation increase over my previous job. On top of that, I used your “monthly email day” to ask you about negotiation techniques and, with the coaching and feedback you gave me, I was able to negotiate a $23,000 signing bonus and full relocation package into the offer I received! It is a great job opportunity that is in line with my objectives, and one that I never went out to the job boards to try to find. I also have a new set of tools to help my personal networking and business marketing activities moving forward. Thanks again, Mary Elizabeth, for your efforts in developing a well-thought-out, easy-to-follow program . . . it works!”

Bob G. Operations Executive FL

“I wanted to let you know that I finally got a job after 5 interviews!!! It was not a posted job. They actually created a job for me. Hummmm. Where have I heard this before now? So, I owe you a success story using your system.”

Daniel T. OR

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