“I want to formally express how grateful I am for you. Your Job Search Success System is gold. It is an exceptional program and as I have stated before worth at minimum ten times its price. I also want to thank you for taking the time to critique my resume. One of the three suggestions moved my introduction from good to exceptional. In taking this course, I have learned exactly how to approach corporate level positions confidentially. I know what I should be doing and in what order. I also can use this to help my own friends and family acquire excellent roles. This program has changed my entire family’s career prospects. Lastly, I want to thank you for always being exceptional and warm. I am referring you as the best source for all career coaching needs. You are the gold standard and I love and appreciate you.”

Jeremy K., Construction Executive, NC

“Your job search coaching audios have VERY GOOD info I had never thought of! Your insight keeps me motivated. I wish I had heard about you 3 months earlier, I would have saved a lot of money and probably be working by now.”

Don E., Recent Graduate, VA

“I graduated from school with my master’s degree in February and have been searching for the right industry to go into. I have tried many programs and yours has been the most successful. I have actually been able to meet with people at different companies for informational interviews, something the other programs did not coach me adequately on. Thank you!”

Mike S., CIO, TN

“I saw Johnny today and I told him I was working with you and I want to tell you what he said: “The money I spent on JSS was the best money I have ever spent for improving my self-confidence. From working with Mary Elizabeth, I have transformed the entire way I think about myself. I have never believed in myself more.”

Luke S., Graphic Artist, NY

“Thanks for your help. I think I’ve covered more major ground in the last two weeks working with you than in the past few months. My resume is almost done. I have new, updated testimonials with a few more on the way, I have several alerts set up (I still have to tweak them), I started a list of companies I want to send my resume to (only 20 on the list but I’m still searching), I figured out how to get more done and stay focused (work from Starbucks or the library, not home), and I am on track to take action. Good stuff. Accountability works!”


“The Job Search Success system has transformed my approach to seeking consulting work and a full-time position. The homework that Mary Elizabeth had me perform enabled me to distill my elevator pitch to its most powerful essence. The process she lays out for the job search is a straightforward marketing campaign, yet is sufficiently comprehensive to be tailored to my specific needs. Her coaching advice on interviewing and negotiating is, even for a veteran of sales like me, insightful beyond what I expected. I am confident that relying on her experience and wisdom will be rewarding.”

Harriet O., COO, TX

“I spend a few of hours preparing for my second interview which is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. I listened and took lots of notes on Module #4 Interviews: How to ace your interviews. You provided such incredible advice on how to handle potential questions: weakness, compensation, closing questions just to name a few topics. I’m walking through the other documents from Module #4 to hone in my answers a bit more. I’ll let you know how my interview goes tomorrow. Thank you for being my coach!”

Sue C., TX

“You are a terrific coach! I have listened to your audio modules several times and often find the answers to my questions. It’s like you are reading my mind. Your call yesterday on web presence was excellent as usual.”

Brian R., Senior Software Engineer, IL

“I’ve been listening to your audios, and I’m pretty blown away by all great information I’m picking up. In fact, I am getting so much value for the $, I almost feel like I am ‘ripping you off.’ I am telling everyone I know about you and your Job Search System. Thank you!”

Marcus M., Senior Engineer, UT

I had a really great phone interview today that came from using your technique to tap into the hidden job market. The thing that was most interesting about this was they actually emailed me before I was able to call them and follow up, and I had an interview within days. Thanks for the advice and information!”

Susan P., OH

“I attended Mary Elizabeth’s webinar on March 1 and chose the Job Search Success System without coaching. I really like the worksheets supplied and the audio presentations. Mary Elizabeth makes job search planning and preparation painless, and her conversational coaching style is very pleasant and presents how straightforward the system actually is.”

Matt H., Aviation Dir., FL

“I was contacted by the xxxxx (57th on the PII top 400) after sending a value proposition letter to the CEO (tapping into the hidden job market). The CEO passed it to the president who I talked to for 1/2 hr and then had two subsequent calls with the VP of Operations over the past two days. Thank you!”

Noula B., Manager, TX

“Your content is amazing. I have been searching for a good career coach for a year and I have been a little cautious. Your style is so authentic and trustworthy.”