Thank you for purchasing our Remote VIP Platinum Package!

(You will also receive this information via email, but please bookmark this page for future reference.)

Congratulations and welcome! I am delighted you have signed up for my remote VIP platinum package. This elite service for my highest priority clients does all the heavy lifting for you; however, your positive participation is critical to your success! Please read the simple instructions below for getting started.

Getting Set Up

We will be using a platform called “Basecamp” for your project management. You will be receiving another message with instructions on how to join your project, so be on the lookout for an invitation from my Director of Operations, Cindy, with the following “from” line:

From: Cindy D. (Basecamp) <>

Cindy will be your personal project manager and will manage the logistics of your project. Note that the above message will be delivered manually, so please anticipate a delay. To ensure you don’t miss any correspondence from our team, please add to your email safe sender list.

Let’s Get Started

Please click on the links below and begin to fill out your career success Blueprint and other topic questions and upload them to Basecamp.

Career Success Blueprint (If you have opted for board document creation in lieu of an executive resume, please use our Board Success Blueprint)

Please open the Blueprint on your computer and type in your answers. When complete, save it and email it to us preserved in .docx format. Most clients take 3–10 days to complete and return their Blueprint. Knowing this helps us to stick to our promised turnaround times. If you find you need more time than this, just let us know.

If you have any trouble contextualizing everything you want in your next career move or creating metrics around your accomplishments while you are completing the Blueprint, here are two short coaching audios I recorded to help you. If you want to discuss this with me directly, just call or email me.

How to Contextualize Your Focus of Direction (audio)
How to Quantify Your Accomplishments (PDF)

Also, please feel free to send us any additional information (such as an original resume, performance reviews, media publications, personality profiles, and so on).

After we review your information, we may have a few additional questions. Please let us know if you prefer phone or email for additional questions. We prefer email as it helps us organize the information, but we are happy to go over things on the phone too.

Once our intake is complete, we will begin the design of your new executive resume.

DISC Assessment

Your package includes a DISC Leadership Profile Assessment. We use the DISCstyles™ LEADERSHIP REPORT, which is an industry standard in behavioral style assessments. This is included with your Platinum Package because in addition to your metric driven accomplishments, your leadership aptitudes are critical to showcase. This assessment may confirm traits you know you have or define others in detail that you had not previously emphasized. Please complete this assessment in the same window of time you complete your blueprint so that we can integrate your results during the creation of your executive documents.

Click here to the register for the test.

After registering, you will then receive a separate customized link to your test, which should take about 15 minutes to complete. The results will be sent directly to you in the form of a 40+ page report and will outline your leadership style. We recommend sharing your results with us via Basecamp, so we can utilize your core leadership strengths in our overall positioning strategy for you.

Here is an additional reference to understanding your report results:

Self-Awareness DISCovery Process Guide

During our coaching session, please specify using the link below if you wish for Zoom or phone coaching, as both options are available to you. I will be walking you through a job search strategy customized for your particular goals. I will be going over the marketing collateral we developed for you, sharing resources with you, and working with you to set up systems to make your job search easy, efficient, and effective. We will address your primary challenges so you are well-prepared for your executive transition.

Please use this link to schedule your 1-hour online coaching session.

Additional Coaching

As a Platinum client, you have follow-up access to me via email for up to 6 months. You can pre-book your 15-minute phone calls each week, or you may call at your discretion (phone calls are subject to my schedule) for up to 6 months.

Final Resume and Value Proposition Letter

After we go over any changes you may want on your draft executive resume and value proposition letter, I will provide you with three final copies (word, PDF, and ASCII text) with instructions on when to use what version.

Additional Marketing Collateral

In addition to your resume and value proposition letter, I will also be developing your LinkedIn profile, executive biography, a testimonials/endorsements page, either a one-page networking resume or a second resume version (depending on your needs), and an online portfolio. Finally, I will design additional value proposition letters for you aligned to PE/VC firms and executive recruiters.

Recruiter and Private Equity/VC Distribution

I will also be distributing your resume and cover letter on your behalf to introduce you to a large list of executive recruiters (national, global, or both) and private equity and venture capital firms who are aligned with your industry and/or position. Any current relationships you have with recruiters or PE/VC firms that you do not wish your resume to be distributed to are fine. Just let me know the name of the firm and or person(s), and we will remove them from your distribution.

LinkedIn Profile

A few things we will look to enhance in your new profile include:

  • Privacy, creating a vanity link, and getting endorsements.
  • Keyword optimization.
  • Creation of a summary statement and narrative of past positions.
  • Involvement in relevant groups, which we will recommend to you.
  • Making a few key connections, which we will suggest for you.

It’s my pleasure to give you as a gift one of my most popular coaching calls titled “How to Use LinkedIn to Pull Opportunities to You.” LinkedIn is a powerful tool to connect with your audience, establish thought leadership, and set perceptions. In this audio, I show you how to easily leverage that.

Updated Photo

A professional photo is of critical importance for your LinkedIn profile. Please send us one or two high-resolution photos that you would like for us to use in your LinkedIn profile.

*If you are booking a photo shoot, I recommend they are taken in natural, full light or studio light—close up, smile, against a black or white background is best (white looks amazing). The attire should be in alignment with your profession. You can try a more polished and then more relaxed outfit.

C-Suite Job Transition Kit – Online Learning Program

You have access to my C-Suite Job Transition Kit. This is a powerful online learning program that can greatly accelerate and drive the overall efficiency and success of your transition. Included in this bundle are several short audios covering various C-Suite topics related to executive transitions. These, and the PDFs outlining step-by-step strategies and phone and email scripts, are the most important items. Everything else is there for ease of reference, and it is all yours to keep. Combining these marketing strategies with your new marketing material will double your success in the market. It is that important.

C-Suite Job Transition Kit
Username: Executive
Password: VIP123

*Note that the above credentials are case-sensitive. Please enter exactly as shown.

Finally, please invite me to connect with you on LinkedIn! I have 400K board members, 300K CEOs, 95K recruiters, and 61K private equity executives in my first- and second-degree connections. This means that by connecting with me, you now have access to my connections—and they have access to YOU.

Mary Elizabeth on LinkedIn

If you have any questions about these steps, we are here to help. I welcome you and truly look forward to getting started and partnering with you toward a successful career transition!