Thank you for purchasing our VIP Board Package!

(You will also receive this information via email, but please bookmark this page for future reference.)

Congratulations and welcome! I am delighted you have signed up for my VIP Custom Board of Directors Package! Please read the instructions below for getting started.

Getting Set Up

My team will be using a platform called “Basecamp” for your project management. You will be receiving another message with instructions on how to join your project, so be on the lookout for an invitation from my assistant, Cindy, with the following “from” line:

From: Cindy D. (Basecamp) <>

Cindy will be your personal project manager and will manage the logistics of your project. The above message will be delivered manually, so please anticipate a delay. To ensure you don’t miss any correspondence from our team, please add to your email safe sender list.

Let’s Get Started

First, please download the following documents, complete them and upload them to Basecamp for review:

• Board Career Success Blueprint
• Executive Biography Questions
• Recruiter Distribution Form
• PEVC Distribution Form

If you have any trouble whatsoever contextualizing value points or metrics for your board resume and related branding, here is a short audio and tip sheet to help you. I have also included an informative report on Board roles and Board nomination strategies:

• Board Resource Kit
• How to Contextualize Your Focus of Direction
• How to Quantify Your Accomplishments
• Board Tips and Strategies

Most clients take 2 to 10 days to complete and return their blueprint. Knowing this helps us to stick to our promised turnaround times.  If you find you need more time than this, just let us know.

When you are done filling out your Blueprint, just upload it to Basecamp. We may have a few questions for you at this time, so please let us know if you wish for us to call or email you those questions.

Once you receive your board resume draft, you are welcome to make edits to fix or add information and discuss your thoughts. Once your drafts have been finalized, we will provide you with three final copies (Word, PDF and ASCII text) with instructions on how to use each version.

LinkedIn Profile

A few things we will look to enhance in your new profile include:

• Privacy, creating a vanity link and getting endorsements.
• Keyword optimization.
• Creation of a Summary statement and narrative of past positions.
• Involvement in relevant groups, which we will recommend to you.
• Making a few key connections, which we will suggest for you.

It’s my pleasure to give you as a gift one of my most popular coaching calls titled “How to Use LinkedIn to Pull Opportunities to You.” LinkedIn is a powerful tool to connect with your audience, establish thought leadership and set perception. In this audio, I show you how to easily leverage that.

Recruiter Distribution

Executive Recruiters That Conduct Board Searches:

Below is a detailed recruiter list of 550 executive recruiters who conduct BOD searches for their client companies. We can distribute to these recruiters for you (and we can remove any recruiters or firms you do not wish to distribute to) or you can keep this list below and contact recruiters at your discretion. Please let us know what your preference is. If you opt for a distribution, just fill out the Recruiter Distribution form located by the Blueprint link at the top of this email.

Board of Directors Recruiter List

Please invite me to connect with you on LinkedIn! I have 400k board members and 300k CEO’s, 95k recruiters and 61k private equity executives in my first and second-degree connections. What this means is that by connecting with me, you now have access to many of them – and they to YOU.

If you have any questions about these steps, please feel free to call or email me or Cynthia via Basecamp. I welcome you and truly look forward to getting started and partnering with you in your successful Board nominations and appointments.