Job Hunting in Today’s Economy? Here is Some Positive News Worth Sharing

Hot Jobs For 2009
Source: Jobfox

Predictions on new job trends for 2009 inspired by President-elect Barack Obama’s economic initiatives:

Initiative: Construction of roads, bridges, transit and rural broadband
1. Construction managers
2. Project managers
3. Civil engineers
4. Computer-aided drafting specialists
5. Telecommunications engineers

Initiative: Greater oversight of financial markets
1. Compliance accountants
2. Internal auditors
3. Tax accountants
4. Government regulators

Initiative: Energy independence
1. Electrical engineers
2. Mechanical engineers
3. Power grid managers
4. Biofuels chemists
5. Sales and marketing

Initiative: Healthcare modernization
1. Nurses
2. Information technology specialists
3. Bioinformatics specialists
4. Information security specialists
5. Software developers

Community Involvement
Initiative: Volunteerism and community involvement
1. Social workers
2. Administrators
3. Translators

Recruiters Confidence Improves
Source: ExecuNet Recruiter Confidence Index

Confidence in the Executive Employment Market — Next Six Months

The outlook for the top of the employment market in 2009 is beginning to show signs of improvement. ExecuNet’s Recruiter Confidence Index (RCI), which hit an all-time low in November, climbed higher in December, as executive search firms begin to eye the second quarter of 2009 with more optimism about assignment levels.

“While the uptick in confidence indicates that more executive recruiters are expecting an increase in assignment growth, the RCI remains below healthy levels,” says Mark Anderson, president of ExecuNet. “Looking ahead to 2009, the search industry is cautiously optimistic that executive level job growth will begin to rebound in the second half of the year. In the meantime, recruiters continue to report pockets of job growth in the Healthcare, Environmental, and Energy industries.”

Growing Metropolitan Areas

According to, metropolitan areas showing job growth include: Boulder, Colo.; Lafayette and Louisiana, La.; Bethesda, Md.; Jacksonville, N.C.; Binghamton, N.Y.; Oklahoma City; Okla.; State College, Pa.; and Brownsville, El Paso, Laredo, McAllen, and San Antonio, Texas.

CEOs of Smaller Companies Resist Downsizing

A survey of small firms by the Entrex Private Company Index found that 72 percent of CEOs are bucking the downsizing trend and plan to increase the number of employees they hire this year.

“Even better, respondents indicated they would maintain the current number of full-time employees — meaning zero CEOs suggest plans to decrease employment size in 2009,” the study found.

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