People know people, they don’t know jobs

Kathy Simmons recently wrote in her Netshare Newsletter about her participation in several NETSHARE Area Meetings, networking with very talented executives across the country.

Career coaches and attendees shared their tips and tricks for mining LinkedIn, targeting hiring companies, and researching new job opportunities. And at every meeting, at least one contact received a solid lead on the spot (thats powerful stuff!).

Here are some of the takeaways she shared:

Targeting companies isn’t about limiting your options, it’s about prioritizing them.
People want to help you, make it easier for them.
People know people, people don’t know jobs.
Conduct a people search not a job search.
Instead of looking for a job, look for work.
You have to be prepared to answer one of these three questions: Can you make me money? Can you save me money? Can you get me through the next six months?
No matter what you did before, now you’re in marketing and sales.

People want to help you, but unless you can give them a place to start, they can’t. As one of the group members said, “People know people, they don’t know jobs.” If you tell me you want a senior level marketing job in a consumer packaged goods company, chances are that the best I can do is promise to let you know if I hear anything. But, tell me you are interested in working for Nabisco, I suddenly remember that my cousin works for Nabisco.

I agree. BTW NETSHARE’s newsletter is excellent…and free. Check it out at

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