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You know, a lot of job seekers think the unadvertised or hidden job market just means “networking.” I mean, haven’t we all heard that “80% of jobs are found through networking?

But, networking is NOT the main way to tap into the unadvertised job market. In fact, its not even in the top two strategies.

Take a look at what my friend Mark Hovind, President of JobBait ( has to say about networking:

“Networking is a competitive job-search strategy that gives employers the most-qualified candidate at the lowest salary. That’s because employers intentionally “leak” their job openings to the networking community where the news spreads like fire. This is after all in the employer’s best interest”.

Or, maybe you think the unadvertised job market is best accessed through recruiters?

In some cases, this is one successful way to access the hidden market, but in MOST cases it’s not. FYI, Here is what Mark Hovind has to say about recruiters:

“Thousands of recruiters get thousands of resumes a year (some get thousands a month and a few get thousands a week). With so many resumes received, they can’t possibly call everyone back. We called several large and small recruiting firms to check our 1% (1% success/response rate) – and without exception, they all told us that 1% in 90 days is way too high.”

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