Mary Elizabeth Bradford Shares Recession-Busting Job Search Strategies that Work

Thu Jun 11, 3:00 am ET

Career coach and Internationally Certified Advanced Resume Writer Mary Elizabeth Bradford has surprising advice for finding your next executive-level job. In a new podcast on Total Picture Radio, Bradford reveals how to tap into the hidden job market. Responding to the tough employment outlook, she generously gives away her Phone Networking ebook.

(Vocus) June 11, 2009 — “The historical data that’s out there right now shows that finding a job today – and this is no secret – is more than twice as difficult as either of the last two recessions,” said Mary Elizabeth Bradford in a new 30 minute interview podcast on Total Picture Radio. Known as “The Career Artisan,” Mary Elizabeth came to her role having spent eight years working as an executive recruiter. She is an internationally certified advanced resume writer and internationally certified master director, (awarded by Career Directors International). Additionally, Bradford is the publisher of the bimonthly ezine, The Career Insider, and the author of two guidebooks: Secrets of the Unadvertised Job Market… Revealed! and Phone Networking Secrets Revealed.

Much of her conversation with Peter Clayton, the producer/host of Total Picture Radio, focused on the strategies used by her clients that are working today to garner job interviews and job offers: “Targeted direct mail campaigns and phone calls… it may sound very old fashioned,” she admitted, “but it will get you far better results than spending all day on job boards.”

“So many new job seekers immediately gravitate to the mega job boards,” Clayton confirmed, “it’s easy, it’s immediate; however, it is not painless. Weeks of submitting your resume on job boards with never getting any response, can be very demoralizing.” Mary Elizabeth agreed. “I talk to a lot of really deserving and intelligent executives that just don’t have the right information to get off the job boards… To tap into the unadvertised job market you really need a system because that’s what job boards are,” she said, “that’s why people fall back on them is because you get out there with this abundance of information and you wonder as a job seeker what am I supposed to be doing? What is the right thing? Why aren’t people connecting back with me, is it me, is it my resume? One of the reasons why job boards are so tempting is because it’s the lack of understanding exactly step by step what to do. That’s why I’ve really devoted my whole career to showing job seekers how to set it up step by step so that doing the right things is as easy as answering job ads. That’s been my goal.”

Reinforcing Clayton’s comment about job boards, Bradford became more specific: “Why does this work? Because as you know Peter, 85 percent or so of jobs are filled before they morph to that place where they need to be advertised, so this gets a job seeker into that window of opportunity where there is less competition, more open jobs and actually, when you flush out the numbers, works much, much better than conducting a job board search, which usually yields only a 1 to 3 percent response.”

Bradford’s eBook, “Phone Networking Secrets Revealed” framed a good portion of the interview. Clayton stated, “As you know, Mary Elizabeth, many job seekers are terrified of making phone calls, especially cold calls.” She agreed. “My clients tell me that this is one of the top three most difficult things to do. And, of course, the more executive you get, the harder it is.” Again, her background as an executive recruiter helped Bradford to develop her skills and techniques on cold calling, and getting through to decision makers.

Those in career transition will find a wealth of advice on resume writing, job search techniques, getting past the corporate gatekeepers, and how to conduct an executive level job search without wasting hours of time, by spending a few minutes with Mary Elizabeth Bradford on Total Picture Radio. A full transcript of the interview is included on Mary Elizabeth’s feature page on Total Picture Radio, along with a very generous offer to receive Phone Networking Secrets Revealed — for free!

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