Emerging IT Career Options

Peruse any newspaper’s employment section and you will find numerous IT job openings. A quick search on Internet sites such as Monster or CareerBuilder may yield thousands of results. Although there are many career options in IT, not all positions are equal, possess the same room for advancement or require the same amount of skill and training.

A number of emerging IT opportunities include a hybridization of skills which include, but are not limited to some level of detailed IT knowledge. With the great diversity of options available, it is important to weigh the options and be aware of emerging job profiles.

Entry Level Options

Many two year colleges and online certificate programs provide the necessary training for entry level positions such as data entry, help desk assistant, entry level programmers and database administrators, as well as numerous entry level software developers and web design workers. Every industry utilizes IT professionals and many emerging job descriptions include a wider set of skills with an emphasis on team building and communication to better meet the needs of an increasingly diverse global marketplace.

Career Advancement

Since the early 1970’s when Macintosh computers utilized the first microprocessor chip in mass production of desktop computers, the field of Information Technology has grown exponentially to include thousands of job descriptions. Many companies offer advanced certificate training or reimbursement for continuing education. Professional organizations offer networking opportunities for professionals to explore a great diversity of careers. From the health professions to the auto industry and from the entertainment field to the construction industry, IT jobs are available in every discipline with a number of career advancement opportunities in a myriad of specialty fields.

Emerging Opportunities

For professionals seeking cutting edge IT jobs, the growing field of cyber security offers quick advancement and ample opportunity. The competition is intense for top jobs that require high security clearance and Masters degrees or higher. But there are entry level jobs that can lead to bigger and better opportunities over time, many with governmental as well as private entities.

While many opportunities exist in Internet and database security, there are other emerging IT job descriptions that require a combination of skills and experience that can be obtained in a variety of ways including on the job training, internships, online degree programs, and other forms of advanced training. Feel free to browse this resource for more options.

While there are many fields that promise rapid growth, IT offers over three decades of ongoing growing opportunity in nearly all fields. In recent years IT professionals have become valuable components of team problem-solving initiatives that span a wider range of skills than traditional IT jobs of a couple decades ago. Emerging opportunities in cyber security and the integration of tech fields with corporate communications and more integrated customer support will continue to offer the next generation of IT professionals continued opportunities within the expanding setting of global business.

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