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The Career Artisan - Mary Elizabeth Bradford

Dear Executive,

I am delighted to offer you an opportunity to access my top-selling online program for Directors, VP’s, C-suite Executives, and Board Members. I call it the C-Suite Job Transition Kit. It is an online playbook that provides you with an end-to-end solution to your entire executive transition process.

If you are wondering if this kit will work for your particular situation, I invite you to consider the following questions.

Are you:

  • Wondering how to plan for your next career move in this ever-changing market?
  • Considering updating your 5-10-15-year-old resume?
  • One of those executives who have always had recruiters bringing you your next opportunity…until now?
  • Curious how to step up your role to a higher title or another industry?
  • Wanting to prepare for interviewing and negotiating at the C-level?
  • Wishing you understood how to tap into the hidden job market at the highest levels?
  • Needing to reach out to top-retained search firms and/or PE/VC firms, but unsure how to find them, and of the right things to say once you do?
  • Looking to use LinkedIn to pull opportunities to you, strategically expand your network, or establish your brand as a thought leader, but not sure how?
  • Ready to leverage your professional network to help with your career transition, but not sure how to approach them?
  • Driven to make a meaningful career change, but not sure where to start or what might be the right tools and resources?
  • Unsure if your resume accurately communicates your value points as a leader?

If this is you, our C-Suite Job Transition Kit is the solution you have been hoping for. This compact, instantly accessible online program is your end-to-end holistic career transition solution.

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Join thousands of other top VP, C-suite and board leaders who have easily fast-tracked their executive career transitions with the most powerful and informative information in the industry.

Our C-Suite Job Transition Kit includes everything you will need to manage your job search, from how to analyze the market and clarify your goals to developing and leading a plan to secure the interviews and offers you want.

Your C-Suite Job Transition Kit includes:

  • Top retained recruiter contacts
  • Largest private equity firm contacts
  • 6 of my Career Power Strategy Sessions
  • Tip sheets, phone scripts & how-to strategies
  • Special report on considering board seats & securing board nominations
  • Multiple linked resources for high-level salary negotiations
  • Links to C-level resources that will help you
  • Complimentary Discovery Session: We will help you assess your current situation and your current executive resume, identify your goals and needs and make objective recommendations to help you with your career transition.

And this year we are offering along with this program, a complimentary and confidential discovery session which you can easily book online. We will help you assess your current situation and your current executive resume, identify your goals and needs and make objective recommendations to help you with your career transition.

Now through January 31, we are offering our $697 C-Suite Job Transition Kit for 60% off, plus including a complimentary advisory call!

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Just use this discount code at checkout: SUCCESS2022

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We have been told our products and services have changed our clients’ lives. We would be honored to help you too. Feel free to respond to this email with any questions you may have – or simply sign up and get started now!

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In support of your success,

Mary Elizabeth Bradford, CMRW-EE, CERM, CERW, CARW, MCD, NCOPE

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