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TORI Awards

Award-Winning Resume Writing Services

Our executive resume writing services team also crafts targeted value proposition letters and expert LinkedIn profiles, executive biographies, endorsement pages, and online career portfolios.

C-Suite Resume Writing Services

To craft the best C-level resume, the layout and content must be strategically constructed to appeal to and be easily assimilated by your audience.

CEO Resume Writing Services

Your CEO resume is a high-level document that speaks to your executive skills.

Board Document Writing Services

Your board document (board resume) is a unique creation that will give an overview of who you are as an executive.

COO Resume Writing Services

From a leadership perspective your COO resume needs to highlight your core leadership skills and other work-style skills.

CFO Resume Writing Services

As a Chief Financial Officer, your professional marketing documents only begin with your executive resume.

CTO Resume Writing Services

Our executive resume writing services team designs executive resumes for Chief Technology Officers (CTOs).

Benefits of a Professionally Written Executive Resume
& Supporting Documents

Today’s job market is tougher than ever. Leadership resumes have changed dramatically in the last 5 years and every edge you give yourself to stay compelling and relevant means less competition, less frustration and more career options for you. Used correctly, a professionally written executive resume, combined with customized job search strategies, directly contributes to more interviews, better positions, bigger offers and a faster career transition… in other words, it pays for itself.

Repeated surveys show that decision-makers are 6 times more responsive to images that express professionalism, attention to detail and a “sense of caring” about identity. The appearance of your executive resume matters – it is your first impression. If you are a Board Member, CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, CTO CMO, CRO, CISO, CSO, Executive, President, SVP or Director looking for your next executive position, a crisp, focused and well-designed resume that tells your story is a critical component to your success.
After working with us, our clients often are able to change industries, move to their desired global locations, overcome liabilities and challenges, land higher positions and salary packages ranging from $50k to $500k+++ more than their previous salaries. Additionally they have also come out of retirement, gone successfully into management consulting and secured outside directorships.
Our ability to show CXO / executive clients how to tap into the hidden job market, confidently land the positions they want, shorten and de-stress their job search and in many cases, dramatically increase their salaries – has earned us a special reputation: 85%+ referral-generated business and a 99.9% client satisfaction rating.

Executive Resume Package

Just need an executive resume written to your next preferred role? You can also add a LinkedIn profile design to this package.

VIP Premium Package

Our most popular package that includes an executive resume, value proposition letter, LinkedIn profile, private coaching and recruiter introductions.

VIP Executive Package

The first choice for C-Suite executives needing a full-suite of marketing materials including an executive resume, a one page resume, executive biography, endorsements, private coaching, executive recruiter and private equity introductions.

VIP Platinum Package

In addition to all the services provided in the VIP Executive Packages, VIP Platinum clients coach directly with Mary Elizabeth Bradford.

VIP Board of Directors Package

Expertly constructed board documents for those seeking their first or additional board appointments. Includes executive recruiter introductions.

Compare Resume Packages

Compare all of our packages and find the one that most fits your needs.

Board Position • Security

“I just wanted to let you know that my job search was a success after your help. After a great deal of personal reflection, I turned down some full-time opportunities as a Corporate VP for Security and pursued some part-time opportunities that would allow me to spend more time with my family. I recently secured a position on the board of directors of a company doing business with the government. The position is a great part-time position that pays well and allows me to spend maximum time with my family.”

CEO/BOD • Healthcare

I have received well over 100 emails responses to the resume email distribution. 30 or so have real potential including “Operating Partners” for Private Equity that get paid on a transaction basis eval and success and transition to a Board Seat or temp embedded management. I have 12-15 introductory calls completed/scheduled. People are responding very well to the resume even when they don’t have current opportunities.”

President, CEO • Global Luxury Brands

“Your exceptional wisdom and guidance will play a significant will role in my next chapter…either with a potential advisory board seat or other vetted senior executive opportunities saying, “Maria is undoubtedly the one!”

BOD • Banking & Finance

“Just also wanted to let you know that I have obtained my first board nomination today. It’s for a XXXX government owned investment bank. My nomination was approved by their shareholders and their board today, and an application will be sent to the central bank for approval (as this is a board role in a regulated entity). Am keeping my fingers crossed that there will be no hiccups at the XXXXX bank stage.”

Managing Director • Global Finance

“So just wanted to say thanks for the CV!! I can only be on the board of one financial institution so I will be looking at board nominations for corporates next.”

Board Position • Technology

“Today is the first day in my new position, thanks to you both. I received my official approval to serve as an outside board of director for xxxx Services from the government on Friday (just in time for my first board meeting today). Again, this wouldn’t have happened without your support. I sincerely appreciate your work and sing your praises to my former colleagues (who will be retiring themselves over the next few years). I would expect some new calls for help.”

Interim CFO Board Position • Technology

“Positive update on first few days of responses. I have received well over 100 emails responses to the resume email distribution. I have 12-15 introductory calls completed/scheduled. Quite a few have live full time CFO positions to recruit me for but as you know I am not really interested in ( I suspect these are not reading the resume closely and are responding to CFO job history) Another 30 or so have real potential including “Operating Partners” for Private Equity that get paid on a transaction basis eval and success and transition to a Board Seat or temp embedded management.”

Recruiter Distribution/Board of Directors • Healthcare

“People are responding very well to the board resume even when they don’t have current opportunities.”

CTO • FinTech

“The new company matched my base and bonus. Add-ons included a strong sign-on bonus (to offset walking away from my bonus), car allowance, and a 5x increase in equity (in the millions in current market value – which is many times greater than my current package). I am going from a 500MM revenue company to a 1B+ revenue organization, with strong investors and a track record of growth and profitability…I don’t think I would have ever been a blip on their radar without a strong LinkedIn profile to start me off. I think I interviewed with 9 people over several months, and got nothing but compliments on the executive resume.”

CIO/CDO • Finance

“Hey Mary Elizabeth, hope you are doing well. I wanted to provide you an update. I just accepted a position with XOXO (wish me luck). I greatly appreciate all the help and support you provided throughout the process. You and your team are the best! I would love to stay in touch re: performance leadership and career coaching going forward. Yes, you and your team have been phenomenal, and you have exceeded my expectations.”

CTO • Title Change from Vice President

“The feedback from my colleagues and potential employers was amazing: we went from “nice resume” to “fantastic format and what an amazing executive resume.” I landed a dream job at nearly $400k, a 30% premium over my previous jobs. In addition, I received a healthy chunk of stock options that could provide another life-changing experience. Thank you, Mary Elizabeth, for reawakening my confidence and showing me the way.”

CISO/SVP/COO • Security

“I’ve had 5 phone screenings so far in the past two days from the distribution list you sent my resume and VPL to. The phone conversations where about 30 minutes apiece with 2 CEOs, one Managing Partner, and 2 Executive Recruiters. Both CEOs told me that in their almost 30 years apiece, they have NEVER seen a more clean, crisp executive resume, especially from someone in the military. The other Managing Partner in NY said the exact same thing. If fact, I was asked why I was only going for CISO and why not SVP or COO? The other Executive Recruiters, one in DC and the other in Denver said that I jumped off the page when they read it (paraphrasing of course).”