More Job Search Tips & Strategies for Busy 6- and 7-Figure Executives

Networking and “job searching” for a top executive does pose unique challenges. Historically, executives have had to rely on executive recruiters to bring them opportunities – or rely on networking; a painfully slow process at the top executive level. Here are some tips and alternatives for your executive job search as you strategize on the best method for yourself.

Job Hunting in Today’s Economy? Here is Some Positive News Worth Sharing

    Hot Jobs For 2009 Source: Jobfox Predictions on new job trends for 2009 inspired by President-elect Barack Obama’s economic initiatives: Construction Initiative: Construction of roads, bridges, transit and rural broadband 1. Construction managers 2. Project managers 3. Civil engineers 4. Computer-aided drafting specialists 5. Telecommunications engineers Finance Initiative: Greater oversight of financial markets…