Chief Human Resources Executive Resumes: 2023 CHRO Resume Trends

Executive career transition best practices tell us to be proactive when updating Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) resumes rather than reactive. When an executive opportunity that piques your interest comes up, you will ideally have all your career marketing documents ready to go and not have to scramble to pull everything together. The wisest CHROs regularly revisit and revise their resumes in collaboration with top executive resume writers.

It can take significant time and energy to look back on an entire year or more of your career and remember everything that happened—especially for the last few years and especially for CHROs! The pandemic intensified virtually everything, with some of the most extreme challenges falling under the HR umbrella, including remote/hybrid work, employee mental health, unionization efforts, and corporate culture.

Instead of reactively thinking about your CHRO resume, make 2023 your year to be proactive. Write the following areas down on a Word document on your desktop or a sticky note on your monitor and categorize your accomplishments as the year progresses. Once you’ve got several highlights listed, consider working with an award-winning executive resume writer to design an impressive CHRO resume.

What to Include On a CHRO Resume

  • Mental Health: One of the biggest things to come out of the pandemic is an increased awareness of mental health and the amalgamation of employees’ personal and professional lives. What mental health and emotional well-being initiatives will you prioritize in 2023?
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DE&I): Many organizations have made considerable strides in diversity and inclusion, but CHROs in 2023 will not be able to overlook policies, procedures, programs, and processes that impede equity. How will you ensure that every workforce member has equal access to opportunities within your organization?
  • Data & Analytics: The HR function, like many others, is challenged with increasing agility and becoming more of a strategic partner than a policy enforcer. To do so, CHROs must embrace data and use powerful tools to solve their organization’s problems. How will use collect, use, and communicate valuable HR data throughout your organization in 2023?
  • Talent Acquisition: Tight labor markets, wage inflation, high quit rates, and general employee demographic trends will be top of mind for CHROs in 2023. How will you help your company attract top talent?
  • Talent Development & Retention: With many exiting employees citing a lack of room for career growth as one of their primary reasons for quitting, educational and professional development opportunities will be a priority for CHROs in 2023. What initiatives will you implement to help develop and retain your existing employees?

If you have an informal list of accomplishments, projects, professional development, and speaking engagements and are ready to translate it into your CHRO resume, book a complimentary and confidential call with us here to see how we can help.

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